You’re playing checkers… but I’m playing chess.

Have you ever heard the expression “I’m playing chess, while you’re playing checkers.”??? Well what if we like actually did that? Today I’ll be playing against Haboo in a battle of wits.

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  1. This is actually great X Unsurpassable Z has great ideas

  2. shouldn't the last move be illegal? I mean, the checker went backwards before becoming a king, it should stop at the 8th rank before being allowed that move

  3. I just found your channel and you kinda sound like Smi7ty

  4. Bout time my white squared bishop is useful

  5. If you ever feel useless remember the light squared bishop

  6. You’re playing chess I’m playing checkers

  7. 2 moves in and you already made an illegal move with the checkers if you can take a piece you have to

  8. Imagine being the white bishop 💀
    He is invinsible, but at what cost…

  9. U can’t check mate king with checker piece because king will always have a white square

  10. Once the queen gets to the back of the checkers side the game is basically over

  11. If you ever feel useless, remember the White bishop

  12. wow this was probably the best game of chesckers i have ever seen

  13. Checker always lost unless vs a bad chess player.

  14. This last ruleset might actually be fairly balanced? I wonder how an AI would do on that.

  15. dude just slide the queen on the back rank and eat them one by one😭

  16. Pls reply, I wanna see how many ppl will reply 9 months later

  17. Checkers will never win because the king is on a white square and the checkers are on black square

  18. Fun fact, if the king stays still, hes immortal the entire game EDIT: i didnt get to the part where they realise

  19. All chess has to do to not lose is keep the king on the edge of the board or the white squares. It would be great if someone came up with a variant where it was more fair

  20. Chess already wins cuz King can just stay on the white square and checkers are only on the black square

  21. At 19:15 is he moved c4 to b5 he would have had chance to win earlier on.

  22. Checker to f4
    I don't think this man has ever played checker's befor

  23. That’s a very aggressive opening

    Literally the most basic move in chess

  24. When you feel useless just remember white squared bishops exist…

  25. The problem here is that the checker is screwed cuz pawns can turn into queens by just staying in light square xD and the same goes for the King, who funnily enough, STARTS ON THE STUPID LIGHT SQUARE

  26. If you ever feel useless remember the light square bishop

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