You Won’t Believe What JUST Happened In The US

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  1. Truth hurts the wind cant lie . awareness saves lives

  2. Where is the Supreme Court?? Why don’t they stop all of this criminality?

  3. Yeah I’m trying all day everyday to alert the people that all the governments are the terrorists. They sacrifice our blood to their pagan gods. Mostly our children. Stop working for them. MSM LIES WE ALL LIE. We were taught lies. We don’t know truth to tell it. But you all do….

  4. I am so sick of Nuisance! What a tool for tyranny!😂

  5. ❤ much love for Tucker Carlson and for the truths that he tells teaches us…

  6. You are fantastic Tucker .May Good keep you in his care..

  7. The U.S. is a Republic, not a Democracy (mob rule) !!

  8. I am threatened of being BANNED from YouTube !

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