Would You Try These Insane Activities?

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  1. That storm chasing one was rlly dangerous because the tornado was standing still wich means its headed right at you

  2. apart from the all no’s i said, the last one is just cruel to the animal

  3. Yeah you would cut off your own hand eventually and unfortunately,am I right?

  4. As a member of the black people society we welcome you into our society

  5. As a person who hates heights and dangerous situations more than my faimly, I strongly agree-

  6. Bungee jumping is worse than skydiving cause u almost hit the ground💀

  7. I wpuld never be a storm chaser, but you gotta admit, being one is cool as hell 😂

  8. I want to be a meteorologist in the storm chaser when I grow up. I always have sound weather in science fascinating and I have always wanted to find mysteries about tornadoes in super cells. I will be properly trained so don’t worry. I already know a lot about tornadoes and I’m only 11.

  9. Ahhh yes, Sam won’t go B.A.S.E jumping cos he doesn’t know how to get in the wing suit….not because it’s the most dangerous sport in the world.

  10. I rode downhill on my bicycle when I was 7 years old..That was pretty cool. And I never cried when I felt down.

  11. As long as a person is respectful to the power of nature, I’m sure storm chasing could be relatively safe.

  12. sam the typa guy to make an excuse for the safest activity

  13. There are more death from bungee jumping than sky diving, which is weird to know.

    But I guess negligence and compliance happens more cause there's a rope while the other makes you more cautious.

  14. i said yes to skydiving but not bungee jumping

  15. I like how he doesn't lie and say he'd do everything, just for clout.

  16. I said no to them all except rock climbing and I would be like Sam and do the one thing three feet off the ground

  17. The first one, the first things that came to my mind was the submarine and Yuri Lipski, RIP guys

  18. He LITERALLY does not want to do ANYTHING

  19. Its wild that you said you didn't want to end up like James Franko in 127 hours instead of saying you didn't want to end up like the actual guy that kovie was based of in the first place.

  20. Sorry Sam, you are soo boring, say no to everything :)))
    No offense ❤

  21. I’ve got a slight feeling that Sam is afraid of heights

  22. Sam just said no to everything😭
    Like Atleast agree to skydiving

  23. No for the rodeo bc we all lnow what happened to borat. Very nice

  24. Deep sea exploring


    One year ago the creator of yugioh died his body was found in the surface of the water

  25. This video must be titled "Disagreeing to Everything I see"

  26. Sam is the type of guy to not bungee jump despite the fact that less than 20 people have ever died from bungee jumping.

  27. I've done most of them, my only hard pass on the ones i haven't are rodeo and slack lining. Slack lining is only out because I'd rather put the training time into one of the others lol

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