Would You Date A Chess Player? #chess #shorts


  1. Unless Its Magnus ofc… Thats how sad chess is. Tiptop magoo gets it all.

  2. I would rather have chess in my life than girls 🤣

  3. R E L A T E A B L E

    I am quitting chess after that…

  4. Tbh, I'm about to play chess again just to avoid her

  5. I would never date a girl who thinks she is a 9/10 when in fact she is only a 5/10

  6. Shes more likely to date a rapper or drug dealer

  7. They say opposites attract and chess players are pretty smart

  8. Every guy is a chess player. Only the elo is different

  9. She is kinda girl who needs small brain big c guy

  10. So……are u quitting chess just for her???

  11. she is annoying af and her beauty will fade so WIN/WIN for a chess player

  12. Don't worry, you still have atleast 8 possible queens left

  13. Well the guy in the video is definitely not a chessplayer.He has not set the board properly.The right corner should be a white colour square not a black one!!

  14. Anyone else notice the board is set up wrong lol

  15. What if you tricked her by getting her to agree to fianchetto your bishop?

  16. Bro give respect to chess 😢
    Please we are chess players
    And chess is our hart never do that again ❤❤

  17. Chess player only be dating 2800+ elo

  18. The one who said would u date a chess player she thinks that she is so good she sucks evryone hate that girl 😂😂😂😂😂

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