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  1. bro my opponent did this opening the game before i watched this, why cant i learn a tip before i get the case?

  2. And then he sacrificed….THE KNIGHT!!!

  3. I won with my opponent playing this then i won in 8 moves with 100.0 and he blundered so badly

  4. I guess this is the famed Bulgarian Sommersault

  5. i tried it and they took d6 instead of taking the knight, was thrown by that still won much later but i lost the sequence

    ok i ran that back in analysis, Qf7 then mates in 1

  6. He was like : “Aaaaah, you teasing me”LoL😂

  7. After Qh5 Black pawn g6 isnt the defence? Because then you can still guard king with bishop on f8 and with a queen right? Idk, maybe its even dumber, just someone tell me please.

  8. After g5 I played h4, then he played king to h5 And then I played pawn captures g5 and it's checkmate

  9. can some explain why pawn to g6 is not a logical defense

  10. Someone did this to me like an hour ago lmao

  11. First, 2…f6 is not the worst move after 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3, as 2…Qg5 and 2…Qh4 are definitely inferior. Also, the best defense after 3. Nxe5 fxe5 4. Qh5+ Ke7 5. Qxe5+ Kf7 6. Bc4+ is 6…d5 7. Bxd5+ Kg6, when the Black bishop on c8 stops Qf5+. No doubt White has a winning attack, but he is going to have to play accurately over the next several moves before anyone can say the game is over. Checkmating the king in positions like this is easier said than done.

  12. I thought the worst opening in chess was the fool's gambit. Sorry, I'm a novice

  13. Wrong. The most horrible opening is the BONGCLOUD ATTACK.

  14. Fool’s mate: “My goals are beyond your understanding”

  15. Broooooo, they didnt take the knight. What do i doooooo

  16. Bro I just played with someone who does this opening. That was 1 hour ago, wish I could've watched this earlier.

  17. Where is the best place to learn tactical patterns?

  18. nah man the worst opening is fool's mate

  19. Worst opening in chess? Why the late Bobby Fischer a Former world champion only got a draw against that defense.

  20. I have been playing this opening all the time, hpw have I not been destroyed so much haha


  22. It's wild that someone used to this opening to draw fischer in a simul

  23. Someone played that move against me in a Blitz game and I crush them with 100% accuracy game

  24. If the go g6 you can go to kf7 and after they take your rook you go bishop to g7

  25. bro i just watched this video and i played the exact game you did LOL

  26. Literally is damiano (da mi ano in Spanish😂)

  27. I thought the worst opening is the bongcloud

  28. What happens after Kxe5 then black plays Qe7?

  29. Yeah, but why would king ever go e7 after you check him ?! lol… pawn g6 is a move that most players would use anyways

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