World’s COOLEST Chess Set!….


  1. Not the world coolest chess set😂😂😂 sorry

  2. Bro all the pieces gonna fall out when you open it

  3. Me: Nice chess piece display * flaps on the board * HOLY SHIT!

  4. Idk I have a three person chess board that folds up into a single third of the board and holds the pieces inside. It’s pretty cool

  5. Then, you make sets like this for every piece, followed by making a giant one filled with all of these sets

  6. Honestly mine is magnetic and portable and folds in half to store the pieces… I take it with me on vacations and it's the best

  7. The rook water bottle but with a chess set

  8. day 2 of asking toon desk until he makes a video wheres hes angry

  9. My brother use to have a really nice all glass set

  10. They should make a version of all the pieces then we can play giant chess

  11. I don’t like chess but damn that’s cool 🤯

  12. You have the worlds coolest chest set without telling me you have the worlds coolest chest set

  13. In my opinion the coolest one is the one made of real diamonds.

  14. “Tell me you have the coolest chess set without telling me you have to coolest chess set”
    starts explaining

  15. i have the best chess set……in my dreams🤣🤣🤣(*realizes i dont even have a chess set*)

  16. Cool but looks like a pain in the ass to put pieces back

  17. “Tell me without telling”


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