World-Class Chess Showdown | Bullet Brawl HIGHLIGHTS | Conquering the Top Players!

Bortnyk and Naroditsky’s Jobava London

00:00 Intro
00:14 Magnus Carlsen
02:20 Magnus Carlsen
03:09 Andrew Tang
04:16 Andreikin Dmitry
06:29 Magnus Carlsen
07:42 Andrew Tang
09:55 Magnus Carlsen
11:25 Karina Ambartsumova
12:00 Oleksandr Bortnyk
13:21 Enriquack
14:57 Magnus Carlsen
16:00 Karina Ambartsumova
16:58 Andrew Tang
18:38 Final Game (Artak)
19:28 Outro

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  1. Favorite game so far of this speed run! My heart is racing after that ending ahaha

  2. You are playing too fast making suboptimal moves. The drawback to speed games.

  3. Im new and have been searching for a youtube coach and you have been the best one so far for many reasons. Keep at it!

  4. @daniel noroditsky i have a Godsent msg to youCountless times you were puting your opponent "magnus" on a pedestal. Hikaru said that your downfall is mental game and giving him and mag too much power over you in terms of "mental" psychology. You're too humble, you need to believe and reprogram your subconcious mind that Magnus is beatable. The sub-context in your games vs end bosses is " im not good enough, but i can give them a run a for their money vibe", and the result essentially plays out exactly how you "believed" Sometimes believing is seeing, so until you change your belief system, you wont beat magnus or hikaru, Im sure you and other gm',s can see what im talking about. You need to impress your subconscious mind against mag and hikaru, maybe wear a letterman jacket against specifically them. Whatever it takes to impress your psyche in order to balance the mental game edge. Enough with this " Magnus is so good" or " of course we get Magnus" compliments without neutralizing that reality you created from past history. Im a highstakes pro poker player and recognize the power of mental game, this is what is keeping you back from evolving against the best, hikaru and mag simply have a stronger inner game than everyone. Youre a letterman jacket, a hype song and 50 pushups before your match away from potentially beating the goats. Hikaru said the orher day that the difference between magnus winning the next chess championship or not, is whether or not he flys into the tournament in a private jet or not. (impressing the unconscious). Hikaru is a genius for noticing these things btw, and i love him for being so honest about it. I cant stress and reiterate this enough, specifically against hikaru and magnus, you (we) need to nullify their mental edge by doing something different. Once you apply this strat, mag and hikaru will also notice a flip of the switch within you, the best do notice such subtle differences. This strong mental danya will ultimately hurt their mental game for the future, and they will try to mentally prepare more against you, that's what greats do. Once you know this trick, make sure to keep it a secret against them and remain humble, so they dont strengthen their mental game against you. We then want mag and hikaru to think that its not the fact that you switched your mental game, but the fact that you simply got lucky or that you caught them on a bad day ;).. mental game, mental game, mental game!!! Cant stress it enough. I hope this long thoughtful message was read and taken seriously, good luck!! ❤❤❤😮

  5. I followed as best I could the matches during the recent bullet WC. Sadly, the time scrambles were the only parts I could fathom. How you two find so many high-quality moves in bullet continues to befuddle me. Nevertheless, I do enjoy watching you play.

  6. Sor your teaching style is great
    Please show us some opeing from bakck as najdrop

  7. Danya you're the best teacher and incredible player let's go!!

  8. Andrew Tang is so dirty lmao i love it. anything goes in bullet

  9. Hi danya congrats for winning against bortnyk

  10. He's just that good, the prophet himself, Daniel Naroditsky

  11. Love to see some games against Andrew Tang. He's extremely talented and sneaky

  12. It’s so cool to get to see all of the top players playing these online events. Like in the speed chess championship we have Magnus hikaru alireza and danya all fighting it out

  13. Looking forward to the games against Magnus tomorrow—I hope you believe in yourself as much as we believe in you because we know you can beat him ❤️

  14. Lol at Danya getting mad at Tang for a dirty take, and then proceeds to do a dirty take against Dina and says don't be predictable 😂

  15. Same thing every single time…I was totally winning and blah blah blah. Grow up Daniel.

  16. Hey Danya, can you post the full videos? I enjoyed watching the last Bullet Brawl you did and would love to see more vids like this on the channel (or perhaps an extras channel?). Thanks for all the content!

  17. You played amazing chess again today in the Bullet championship. Your games have been incredibly entertaining. Good luck tomorrow. Rooting for you!

  18. Jose is better than Magnus? Ha, ha. We'll see, won't we?

  19. First game had me laughing because I can’t keep up ! I can’t take 20 minutes of this!

  20. if you suck at chess then what's left for the rest of us lmao

    EDIT: 18:54 nevermind wtf was that lmao

    EDIT 2: nevermind that game didn't matter lmao

  21. This video didn't appeared in my feed, maybe the lower views are maybe related to that

  22. Was super fun watching you play live! Always rooting for you pimp

  23. Congratulations to be in the top 4, is a lifetime achievement when you looking at the level of this year competition.

  24. Danya, you should give yourself more credit! You are right at the level and gave both Hikaru and Magnus a run for their money. Have confidence in yourself 👍💪♟️

  25. In Hikaru’s victory interview he spoke my sentiments just as a spectator. And the day before that, I watched you have a smile on your face, genuinely glad to have been eliminated via magnus… dude, fuck both of those chumps. Stop submitting to your perceived image of them and recognize how good you are particularly in a bullet setting. As a guy who watches you more than them, I was rooting for you wholeheartedly throughout, and I know you’re a true fan on the sport but that stupid boyish grin you had while proclaiming magnus is better than you (watch the post match interview back), is not gonna cut it, it’s as if you’re sleeping well at night with the loss just cause some guy name magnus was the dealer. You will be the bullet champion one day, even when they are at their best, but it starts with you realizing YOU ARE THE GUY, not them. Props and good luck in the future

  26. Anyone knows why daniel is also called danya? I've looked on google but cant find anything lol

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