Win your opponent’s queen in just 6 moves using this chess trap!


  1. That is worse than checkmate in 2 (must be black)

  2. Bro this is called the intercontinental ballistic missile gambit

  3. Intercontinental ballistic missile gambit

  4. Solution: instead of protecting your pawn with your knight, protect it with your bishop.

  5. This is tennison gambit to with black pieces

  6. I sacrificed my bishop to kill the queen in 3 moves

  7. No one protects a pawn if he can attack a knight?! Especially a pawn whos out of danger.

  8. Kitni bar king ko check mate krnese ham winner ho sakte he?

  9. That’s just how to do the intercontinental ballistic missile opening as black. And who needs a queen in 6 when I can get a king in 4?

  10. AHHH yes, the infamous Intercontinental Ballistic Missile gambit: The Africans strike back variation.

  11. For everyone correcting him, the icbm is a variation of the budapest gambit

  12. All the comments are actually resemblance of warzone and has nothing to do with chess…

  13. 😂😂 I lose my knight and bishap and letteraly he wons

  14. Lost 10points of material for a 9point queen, and position quite bad so I wouldn't really do it

  15. The opponent: Nah I won't take it's nice center control and instead push another pawn or take out bishop to defend.

    Black setting this trap:

  16. 2 pawns :2 points
    bishop and and knight :6 points
    so we gave up 8 points for a 9 point queen which is crazy but ur king is quite crazly open and non of the idiot gonna do it

  17. aka the intercontinental ballistic missile

  18. 😢someone done this move with me once

  19. To depart as a queen and lose the rock❌ Beat a bishop and lose a queen ✔️

  20. Why can’t the king move back I’m new

  21. When you play against grandmaster there is no way your strategies go in your own way😂😂😂

  22. So just the tennison gambit ICBM variación but complicated fo black. Honestly really bad, because if they dont do what the video said, you lost a pawn and in a horrible position.

  23. Yes, a 1 point bump. IF th oponent doesnt mess it up

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