Win Fast: Chess trap to checkmate in 7 moves! – chess tricks #chess #shorts

This trap is called BlackBurne Shilling Gambit. You can play this chess trap with black pieces and win in 7 moves only! #chess #shorts


  1. हिंदी में बोलो

  2. When u forgot the move while playing ☠️

  3. So many assumptions as to what the opponent might do. I would’ve played them all differently. This is weak

  4. इट्स मत चेक मेट यू कैन एक्सचेंज रुक एंड king

  5. One thing is wrong when white pick out his knight than without Black's chance white picked his bishop out

  6. He could attack with Bishop instead and spoil it

  7. Opponent is not stupid that he will let ur knight roam around his side without support 😂😂😂

  8. No you take queen on that time not a checkmate😅

  9. opponent: pick my pawn when they can literally pick my knight
    Me: This was not in script

  10. When he does not takes E5 and my night so pls also a short for this

  11. F3 white knight can take D4 black knight in 3rd move

  12. Why black didn't capture the knight

  13. When the black knight goes to D4 he can also capture the knight

  14. I found one that will actually work on my brother

  15. Bro white can kill the knite unlike to kill the pwan

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