WIN AT CHESS In 8 Moves!

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  1. What if knight takes bishop instead of their queen?

  2. but what if the knight moves so that the queen can protect the rook? Or if the knight that the one who takes the bishop?

  3. "Im gonna win this game easily"

    Meanwhille opponent : does a different move

    " o sh*t 💀"

  4. Opponent plays A different move,me instand resign.

  5. Queen over bishop anytime would’ve ate the queen right away

  6. just fucking awful if bishop didnt go to c3 and instead removes the Knight to c3 so queen can protect it

  7. But b4 you scroll literally had to watch twice cause I scrolled

  8. I scrolled right when he said not to scroll and now idk what he said bruh

  9. What if the enemy develops his knight to connect queen with rook? Would make all this useless right

  10. I’ve quite literally never taken the pawn

  11. me: why didn't white do c3 knight on fifth move

  12. all fun in games until he declines it

  13. Now I realized how hard it is to recognize a move's name without reading any chess books at all

  14. Well it's all fun untill you realize midgame after 4 moves that the one you are playing against is your grandfather and he deliberately cold heartedly traped you and cheakmate reverses . Granddad is just granddad

  15. Opponent: takes it with the Knight.
    Me: Oh Shi…

  16. Who would do that the queen is not protected so there is no way

  17. tried this against my babysitter 10 years ago, shes pregnant now

  18. Theres a 90% chance that your oppent sacrifice there piece just to kill the queen

  19. Qd5 every time… damn they must have seen this too

  20. I try it, but my friend took my bishop with a knight instead of the queen

  21. ♜♞♝♛♚♝♞♜

    who do you think will win?

  22. What if they take bishop with knight instead of queen?

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