Why The Most Important Chess Piece Isn’t The One You Think | The Queen’s Gambit | Netflix

The King is often called the “most important piece” in chess, but there’s one piece everyone might be overlooking. It’s the lowly pawn, which French grandmaster François-André Philidor described as the “soul of chess.” And pawn-love is everywhere in The Queen’s Gambit. To celebrate International Chess Day, we found out why the ultimate underdog piece matters a lot to the game of chess — and why it matters to the ultimate underdog story, The Queen’s Gambit.

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CORRECTION: A chart at 1:01 erroneously swapped the bishop and the rook. The rook should be worth 5 points, and the bishop worth 3.


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Why The Most Important Chess Piece Isn’t The One You Think | The Queen’s Gambit | Netflix

In a 1950s orphanage, a young girl reveals an astonishing talent for chess and begins an unlikely journey to stardom while grappling with addiction.


  1. One minute into the video and you've already made a mistake, a bishop is not valued 5 points, the rook is..

  2. Well, since the pawns outnumber the king 8 to 1, you would assume this to be common knowledge to even the chess illiterate.
    Great video…

  3. The king will always be the most important.
    Everything is sack-able

  4. With that little extra credit part at the end, I never knew about that move. Cool. Thanks for letting us know!! 🙂

  5. Ehem its wednesday already when is talss of arcadia rise of the titans comming

  6. Sagar Shah would've explained it better. 👑

  7. Some GM- 'Here, here, here, here, here, here…. And we pick up a juicer'

    'BING, BANG, BOOM… Free juicer'

  8. This show was amazing and i dont even know how to play chess

  9. This show was so amazing as a chess lover. Even after watching top rated IMDb shows. Queen's Gambit holds a special place in my heart.

  10. Maybe the most important chess piece is the friends we made along the way

  11. The show is called queens Gambit and the final move is Sicilian …why is that ?

  12. اتمنى موسم ثاني من هذه التحفه الفنيه♥️😍

  13. The exaggerated swagger of a depressed teen prodigy.

  14. That feeling when you're not listening to a speaker but paying attention to the music and these wonderful scenes

  15. I absolutely love the subtlety throughout the entire series. Each scene, each costume, each unstated analogy, meticulously correlating with the overall message. Ultimately assisting in the creation of a beautiful metaphorical representation of life and, overcoming adversity.

  16. when i learned en passant when i was in 3rd grade and still remember it till this day and whenever the queens gambit came out B)

  17. I liked the show but was disappointed when I got to know that it was all fiction. I Lost respect for it.

  18. Chess Isn't Always Competitive. Chess Can Also Be Beautiful."

  19. Some american football play stratagem resembles the goings on of this game.

  20. unfortunetaly pawn play is one of the most underestimated things on chess.

  21. Good video, but the rook is worth 5 points and the bishop is worth 3 points, the opposite is shown at 1:03

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  23. This series overrated, also nobody can learn chess at downstairs.

  24. Classic TV mistake, the CHESS PIECE SURVIVAL RATE CHART, square colors are reversed on board (rotated) in order for Queen to start on her own color at 1/A

  25. The bishop is worth 3 points and the rook is worth 5 points*

  26. I discovered the power of the pawns when I went against one of my friends in junior high, at the time I knew how to play but new nothing of counter strategies, as the game went on he stopped my advance and made me change strategies multiple times from just using his pawns properly, of course I lost that game but I learned how to properly utilize pawns from him

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  28. Hey Netflix!!!, make the third season of Hilda please

  29. By itself it’s trash but when supported with other pawns to create structure or rooks to help promote it can be the most powerful

  30. The video has some minor error, the rook should be worth 5 points and bishop has the same 3 points as knight. Other than that, on the white side the first square should always be black. It can be corrected if it was rotated counterclockwise 90° from the origin lol. Video is well documented, however the Editor must have no ideas about basic chess hehe.

  31. Well. Time to watch this show for the 11 millionth time.

  32. The formula you showed for winning percentage doesn't reflect what you said. What you said was a one pawn advantage provides a 64% chance. I plugged in 1 for P and got 75.9%. This video is full of inaccuracy's and blunders.

  33. 1:02 how the hell the rook is only 3 points and the bishop is 5? change the two man, that's disgusting

  34. I was thinking at first if Chess would evolve by adding two more pawns. To both a prince and princess chess pieces while adding more spaces equally with the chess field adding more squares with them.

    Which includes partially the prince at first moving like a king and the princess moving like the queen both part time. But with their own movements in chess as an additional comment edit.

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