Who called the Catalan Opening Boring? || 2021 World Chess Championship || Game 2

In round 2 of the World Chess Championship, we saw Magnus Carlsen go with his Catalan Opening – one of the top tier chess openings for white. Many consider (including myself for a long time) the Catalan Opening to be boring. However, I would argue that this is far from the case much of the time, depending on the direction the players want the game to go. The Catalan Opening is complex, dynamic, and has a ton of power behind it as seen in this game. Ian Nepomniachtchi went with one of the sharpest lines against the Catalan Opening, taking the c-pawn of the Queen’s Gambit and then looking to hold onto it. At one point in the game, Ian Nepomniachtchi was up three points in material as he had an extra pawn and was up the exchange! However, Magnus Carlsen played brilliant chess, keeping the pressure, holding onto the initiative, and was able to go into the rook endgame a pawn up. Both sides showed great understanding of chess strategy, chess principles, chess ideas, chess moves, chess tactics, chess theory, chess tricks, chess traps, and chess checkmates. Both Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi have the right to feel a little frustration as the game seemed so up and down. At the same time, both can be happy they got out with a draw plus the fact that both played amazing chess. To the human eye, and probably emotionally as well, the game was up and down. However, when plugged into a computer, the game was MUCH closer than one would think. Recap for game 3 coming out tomorrow!

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  1. Solomon. Why doesn’t Magsen Carlnus use the crab opening? It worked very well for you! He should give it a shot

  2. Love these in depth recaps, you definitely deserve more subs man. Keep up the content, it's helped me understand chess so much better!

  3. Solomon please do live stream we just love your analysis

  4. Caruana still believed that …c3 was a useless move.

  5. Great analysis just watched this second one 👊👍

  6. It's just the matter of who gets tired mentally in this 14 games marathon

  7. Can you make a video on the Catalan? Magnus, Karpov, Kramnik and Anand have all played this opening in World championship games and you don't need to know a llot of theory apparently to play it

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