When Your Opponent Tells You That You Were Winning

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#chess #nodirbekabdusattorov #norwaychess


  1. To say it was a crazy game is an understatement!

  2. Nordibek! I root for you to become in the top 5. Maybe even more.

  3. always enjoy watching nodirbeks games, aryan was doing so well today!! sometimes we just overlook certain moves, unfortunately 🙁

  4. Both very humble it seems, which is nice to see

  5. Games like this is why aryan will never be a 2700 player.. you gotta see that

  6. he is the true successor of carlsen, none of this ding malarky

  7. it's common for patzers like me to get tunnel vision and only consider our own moves, but it's amazing to me how quickly GMs find their opponent's resources. It's like they are physically unable to consider a move without putting equal effort in considering their opponent's moves. it's like "yeah as soon as i moved the king i saw he had qb4 qb2 g3…"

    i mean yeah, i guess that's just chess, but i have a lot of difficulty in finding my opponent's moves. i have a hard enough time finding moves for my own side let alone looking for tactical combinations for my opponent…but that's my point that it takes so much effort for newbs like me while it's just automatic for good players…it's like they are always playing both sides and trying hard to win with both sides.

  8. Crazy how I was checking this game and saying it was ridiculous to find that. But these guys are finding it like it's the most obvious thing in the world😭

  9. When you’re playing someone very strong it’s easy to miss chances because you don’t expect them to give you many. That’s probably what happened here, I think.

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