When the Kings touch

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  1. 16:53 "I am ready for some kings touching each other." – Levy Rosman International Chess Master

  2. watching from australia with the white gotham knights chess jacket on 🙂

  3. There's a tornado outside my house at this exact second

  4. Here I was, thinking that maybe due to a weird interaction of checks that the kings legitimately were able to be played next to each other.

  5. I will be the one to say my contury…. E Y G P T

  6. currently watchin from PA, most boring goddamn state ever

  7. I am currently watching from lower saxony in Germany

  8. The fact he earned my like through the movies costing 30 grand is just amazing

  9. Was very happy to be considered part of the less than 1500 elo bracket… with my 500 elo….

  10. yes, mate in 41. normal day of chess, 21:37 oh no mate in 46 and 44 as well

  11. I am watching from where chess was invented.

  12. This clip was memed to death hete in India…😂😂🤣🤣

  13. As a person who was 1 elo watching your vids made me win so now im 900 so thank you

  14. I’m watching from your mother’s bed sheets

  15. "i cant wait for the kings to touch each other" got me 💋💋💋😍😍😻😻😻🤭

  16. its 2023 and i am currently sitting in Georgia

  17. when i was younger i used to play chess w my sister and we would chase eachothers kings when it was endgame with 0 oter materials and we didnt know it was a draw lol

  18. I’m about to start using “touched their kings at the center of the board” as a euphemism.

  19. i skipped from 12:10 to 12:44 and i hear "that tastes like someone has been spitting in it" Levy, my man, you should see a therapist

  20. As soon as I saw "Hikaru Nakamura" I already knew what was gonna happen

  21. Watching from staten island with the population of 7

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