When Opponent makes 2 ILLEGAL MOVES in a Row! #shorts

Whose move was it? 😳

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. The most silent kids we have seen in a while…..

  2. I have to say they are extremely adorable.

  3. How to play in your tournaments sir?? I am also a kid and I want to play

  4. I still not get why they play it to the end i.e. checkmate. Don't their mentors teach them to resign when obviously losing?

  5. This is from Below 1600 fide rated nagpur right?

  6. I never had this much urge to punch a kid

  7. The boy did not want to give up. Just slows down the game

  8. Yellow kid will come back. I'm his team !! 💛

  9. man they are just kids let them have fun

  10. I don't understand, which one is the illegal move?

  11. But which one was the 2nd illegal move ?

  12. Our school under 12 age group dont tell if legal move(in check) was made by the oppent
    Make move after that when oppent move reglur move they call aribiter and say they making iellgal move
    Becasu 2 movies😂

  13. Shouldn't the game have ended since 2 illegal moves in 1 game leads to disqualification (loss)

  14. Bro Pre-Moving IRL 💀

    Well he's just a kid no need to be harsh on them, they are playing pretty well for their age tbh

  15. He is a kid. What more can we expect from him.

  16. good thing they give kids second chances

  17. They do better handshakes than almost every grandmasters

  18. Legend says the kid is still forget about the clock

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