What Is Stalemate In Chess?

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  1. I still consider stalemate a nonsense since this in Chinese chess and shogi should be lose for the player who can't move.

    I mean, you can't decide whether you move or not, king should walk into the attack and get taken, instead of suddenly getting the ability not to move in a turn.

  2. me when I can't get checkmated
    my opponent:its over you can't defeat me
    me:i know but he can


  4. Sometimes I feel so comfortable because I have a queen and he’s has only a king left. Then something like this happens🥲 Thanks for explaining, now I can play without worrying about a stalemate

  5. I now officially hate stalemate. I recently cornered him from all sides and he would have died no matter what, but somehow it’s a draw. Wow.

  6. I recently started chess my friend told me to win u should check mate other King which means the king has no legal move and in hope of doing so I stalemated many times

  7. So that's why it was a draw when I moved my pawn 🤔

  8. I love tricking people to stalemate when I’m losing.

  9. I mean, i keep winning every game with stalemate

  10. I played chess with my dad and it also happend like this and he said that i got checkmated
    A day later i checkmated him and he said that this is stalemate so i made him watched this shorts. Know he know!

  11. I get so mad when I get stalemates. It's such a dumb rule

  12. For all of you mad that you couldn't end the game think of it like you could have killed the king, but by not doing so you decided to let him live and retreat to fight another day with another army therefore postponing the war. You should have killed him when you had the chance.

  13. I'm relatively new to chess and think it's a stupid rule. How does it make Sense that If one Player played so Well, to the point where the Other Player can't even move, its counted as a Draw?

  14. Misread the title as "What is Stalemate Chess?" and was intrigued

  15. This is officially the most stupid rule of chess. I want to know which moron though of that. This shouldn't be draw. This should be a win for the one who trapped his opponents king.

  16. one man's trash is another man's treasure

  17. "Stalemate almost always occurs at the end of the game"
    Huh. Wonder why that is..

  18. in literally every other cousin of chess stalemate is a win… chess is just that one guy in the friend group

  19. This p*sses me off! I am annihilating them and then a DRAW?? Wtf

    Good idea about attempting a stalemate on the other end of it.

  20. Why hasn’t this been removed from the game of chess. It literally makes 0 sense and is the sole reason a lot of people don’t play

  21. Cant the pawns just make a stall move so the person doesnt have to move the king?

  22. So
    I like to get draw in chess? Wow 👏👏👏

  23. I got stalemated multiple times while playing with my friend and every time it happened I just laughed the word "draw" and he raged. It was hilarious

  24. My mom got mad today because of a stalemate and she said its a checkmate.

  25. Fun fact: stalemating your opponent in Xiangqi is considered a win

  26. watch this after stalemating as a 400, stalemated a 450 while I was dominating😭😭😭

  27. Who can stop me from feeling healing emotions

  28. Now i know y i had a draw with my friend🥲

  29. I had like three queens on one king and I accidentally did stalemate by trapping him on the side

  30. "either on the board or OFF"

  31. Why is it so hard to people to understand that chess isn't a real war and it was made to put your intelligent in test? and that's the reason stalemate exists, to make you pay attention to your moves even if you are wining, what makes you have to think more before making a move.

  32. i lost everything no pieces other than two pawns, but my friend had a queen and a rook and it was very hard to promote with that so i gave him the pawns and hoped for a stalemate and worked, i was on h1 and his rook was at e2 and his queen was on g5 will i ahve no moves and i got stalmated

  33. what does "either on the board or off" mean?

  34. I was playing and completely dominated but then i got cocky after theres only the king left and started promoting all my pawns and stale mated by accident

  35. Wow, i Just realised that every draw i was doing till now was stalelmate 💀

  36. when a 3 hour match ends up in a stalemate…………………………

  37. so stalemate is when the opponent's king is not on check but cannot move anywhere?

  38. My heart evaporates when I accidentally stalemate my opponent

  39. i still don’t understand how a checkmate and stalemate aren’t the same thing. like a king can’t move anywhere without dying in stalemate, but it’s the same in checkmate. is it just bc it’s being deliberately attacked in one and not in the other??

  40. It's not logical, if his king is trapped, he should lose

  41. Bro u fixed my BIGGEST CONFUSION in les than a minute

  42. So, the cause of stale mate is checking the king with only one piece?

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