we asked chess players if anyone can become a grandmaster

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  1. Nah u can be a grandmaster at any age just gotta have lots of dedicaiton

  2. I became a grand master after 2 years. Wait I meant grand wizard

  3. First learned the rules for chess when I was 4. Made my own pieces for a set when I was 13.

    At the age of 28, my current ELO is … 350. But it's still fun, and I found out I'm okay at woodworking.

  4. What’s so hard about becoming a gm later on in life? It’s not like becoming an athlete where you just cannot physically compete as you get older. You just need to have the willingness to study chess and the time to play 1000s of hours

  5. That's not true
    I started at 22 And I am a grandmaster at blundering

  6. can "insert someone" become GM

    Hikaru: there's a thing called 'REALITY' … …

    anyway, just play for the fun of it. don't put GM as your end goal coz son you'll get disappointed

  7. I am rating Alex a trillion, but not in terms of chess

  8. I started at 14, that means I actually have a chance

  9. I'll prove Nils wrong. Am 23 and since I started 2 years ago,I've broken many records on my way to gm.Just crossed 500 elo after some relapse.

  10. To even things out, how good are grandmasters at dancing, cooking, painting, carpentry, and a whole slew of other things? People that put time into things and are willing to learn will become good at things. Some are great at one thing, some are good at a few things, most are OK at a lot of things. Just the way it is.

  11. I want to learn chess to have as much fun as possible, what rating level is that?

  12. Age of 11 you can become GM way later, I am the proof

  13. I remember when I started learning chess at around 12-13 years old, my chess teacher told me, I have a chance to became pretty good but I'm too old to ever become a grandmaster. This single sentence affected me so hard as a kid, after that day I lost all motivation to play the game, I started skipping lessons and eventually stopped attending entirely and never played competitively ever since. Even if it's not realistic to achieve a goal like that, you should never tell a kid that they started too late.

  14. Yasser started really late and he´s extremely good, so it is possible

  15. In all honesty, you're better off not becoming a grandmaster. The lives of those who make it that far in chess revolve mainly, not to say solely, around chess. And there's not much to make out of it. There's only a bunch of people who make a good living out of mastering chess.
    Many grandmasters, such as Kasparov or Bobby Fischer, are/were of the opinion that it is not worth it to become a grandmaster, and that the game is way more enjoyable for those who don't know much theory and who don't plan 20 moves ahead…

  16. I started at 26 and I'm 31 now and I have a grandmaster rating. Don't let this discourage you! You can do anything you put your mind to!

  17. You don’t have to be a GM. I started at 30 and reached around 1500. Already happy with myself even though I will never become a master.

  18. I started playing at 29 during the pandemic and I am getting close to 2000 rapid on Lichess. A long way from the top but still proud of my progress

  19. This feels like a challenge lol I’m up for it

  20. What counts as "Start playing", cause I've been playing chess with my grandma since 4 or something. I kept playing in school to the age of 10 maybe. Then for a long period of time i haven't been playing cause my classmates stopped being interested in playing the game so did i, and i started my new journey only at 16-17. Like I don't have an intension to become a Grandmaster in next 10 years, but it still sound unwell for me.

  21. Tempted to become the first GM that started at 20

  22. Chess is easy to get good at for some and hard for other like I’m 1500 rated and only been playing for 4 months

  23. Alex Volkanovski started combat sports at the age of 23. He is now UFC Champion and the badest motherf*** in the sport. (yeah no chess, but you geg the point)

  24. Tf Start chess when Ur 30 and U can get Grandmaster, its braun only????

  25. Ayo i still have some chance for me to become grandmaster. BTW my age is 15

  26. Started @22 years . In a year i went up to 800 elo i started @ 250 elo i havent been playing alot lately ill probably play like 2-3 games per week currently 999 elo highest elo i reached was 1100 something. Just been a chess player for a year couple months . Dont let it discourage you . I feel like anyone can be a gm . But yea you do get a head start when u start at a young age

  27. Food for thought: one wins lottery, quits work or school and focuses on chess fulltime.

  28. Can anybody, who's qualified to answer this, explain to me how / why age has to be a factor? If a 10yr old plays 50,000 games and becomes a GM 5yrs later is there any reason a 40yr old can't do the same when they reach 45? Thanks in advance…

  29. How much chess i must play in a week?

    Im 39

    1200 rating

    I started last year

  30. It explains so much why I am not a grand master !

  31. First person said 6, which is no hope. Then the last person gave hope by saying later in life, but ends up with 15. Dreams are destroyed.

  32. dont know shit about chess, never played it. im 17 years old and now i wanna start playing chess and get grandmaster. im a quick learner shits gonna be ez

  33. Why is there a certain age you need to start playing in order to have a chance at being a grandmaster?

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