we asked chess players if anyone can become a grandmaster

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  1. I will be a grandmaster you mark my words. 😅

  2. Me a 2053 elo and 22 years old- they are saying truth.

  3. Just beat magnus 20x in a row that would he enough to be grandmaster

  4. although you have nothing in common with chess – great interview 🙂

  5. Oh, someone says 11, another says 15.. well I say 78.. and this is a !! Move

  6. After the age of 11 😂 bruh I’m eating crayons 🖍️ 10 years ago in school much less becoming a whole chess GM at that age 😭

  7. I started when i was 15 , Im playing casually for 14years ,my rating always between 1800 n 1900.. i dont know if thats good or not..

  8. Chess is a surprisingly easy game, especially compared to most video games now. The only reason the skill is so low is because no one wants to play it

  9. my goal has always been negative elo.

  10. I started chess when I hit 15
    after playing for nearly 8 months I got to 2150 🙂

  11. I've got two years to become a grandmaster.

  12. I started playing at the age of 6. Till my 16 years, my peack raiting was 1150 then suddenly boom and in 6 months i became 1600.

  13. Botvinnik was taught chess at 12 years old

    Chigorin at 24

    Sultan Khan at 21 (although he learnt Indian chess at 9)

  14. So you're saying my parents are to blame for not becoming a GM….

  15. This kinda diascouraged me i am 13 now my dream is to become a chess gm i guess its kinda too late 😢

  16. You cannot nor should you place an age on the human mind and its ability to learn. To even consider a prerequisite starting age for someone to become a GM is unknowingly placing a barrier on your own mind and bidding others to accept the same.

  17. I’ll never be a grandmaster, but at least I will get to see them play, thanks to social media. When I was young I listened to Bobby Fisher vs Boris Spassky on a friend’s Walkman. 😢😂 so happy technology is what it is today. 😊❤

  18. Oh man thats sad😢 i am 11 and i started playing chess when i was 10 now i am 500 elo guys can you tell me if it is good or not

  19. It's very easy to become a grandmaster
    You just need big brain

  20. It doesn’t matter if you start young it doesn’t matter. Chances are still low

  21. I just started a year ago, I’m 19 and I’m going to become a gm after 2 months

  22. Chigorin was 24 when he took up chess seriously

  23. Honestly, you don't want to be very good at the game, because then you won't be able to find any people to play with…

    Chess after all is a GAME. Like monopoly is a game… If you are so good in monopoly that nobody likes to play with you then you will hate it.

    Be glad that you are bad because that's where the fun is. Playing bad chess vs other bad people at chess = the most fun.

  24. I am fine with my 600 ELO. In this rank we are very unpredictable and blunder a lot. They never know my next move, hell I don't even know my next move😂

  25. me starting at 21
    these frs demotivating me

  26. So, what are my chances starting at 45? Lol😅

  27. gonna prove them wrong (I have 451 elo and break down after losing)

  28. it’s mental. you can do it at anytime as long as your mind and body healthy

  29. I turn 16 tomorrow, perfect timing, GM here I come 😂

  30. I really doubt it with the current level of competition becoming a gm after starting at 15 is almost impossible unless you are a genius

  31. There's GMS who never played till later in life and became GMS

  32. So basically I have no chance at any matter level at 40?

  33. This is true for everything. You can’t become a master at an instrument if you don’t play it all your life, or a top rated athlete in any sport for example. But that doesn’t mean you can’t become good, or even super good, just because you cannot become the best of the best.

  34. I just started playing chess in three months and I'm 16
    Now I'm 500 elo 💀

  35. Here, Alex you seem quite tall. I’ve never noticed you appearing tall until now. So, are you tall then? Nice manners here.

  36. I start play at the age of 8 😅 sorry my english is bad

  37. I started learning chess when i was 32, so I guess its just a dream to even become an IM😂😂😂 Much more on a GM😂😂😂😂

  38. I guess now, with that amount of information on the internet, you can become a gm even later in life.

  39. ….. me starting to learn how to play chess at 23😭

  40. Of course. If you are past 11 years old there's no freaking way you can make money with chess as a career, so you're better off playing and enjoying chess as a hobby.
    Im rated 2200 in rapid , 2100 in blitz in online chess. So if its in fide, around 300 elo lower. I have no plan to play OTB chess . Just enjoying playing online and watching chess tournaments 🙂

    I started playing chess at 9 but not that serious.

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