VIRGO “MONTHLY” October 2023: Move Forward With Conviction, Courage & Total Determination ~ Purpose!

“MONTHLY” October 2023: Main themes, general energy, career, love, soul reminders, messages from spirit.

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What Your Future Self Wants You To Know ~ Powerful Messages!

INSIGHTFUL Guidance From Spirit ~ Action Steps Moving Forward!

Lionsgate Portal 8/8 ~ What It Means On A Personal & Global Level!

IMPORTANT MESSAGE From Your Higher Self ~ Your Action Required!

FREEDOM ~ What It Means For You & How To Create It!

Want to know what messages your animal guides have for you?

Are you living life to your fullest? Is FEAR holding you hostage?

Are you using your creative talents to live a magical life? Here’s how…

Your higher self is trying to get your attention! Are you listening?

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First and most importantly! THANK YOU!! From the bottom of my heart, I am filled with so much gratitude. If I can help even ONE person, breathe…create space…connect to themselves…and move forward on their journey with hope…THAT RIGHT THERE fills my cup. I have been divinely guided to bring my intuitive gifts forward on a higher spectrum and this is it! YOU ARE HERE because you were meant to hear these messages! There is no such thing as coincidence. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest! Just like life. Don’t make anything fit. Just flow.

Details for a personal reading can be found here…

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Decks Used

🤍 Intuitive Soul Coach Oracle by Melissa
🤍 Wisdom Of The Oracle By Collette Baron-Reid
🤍 The Crystal Spirits By Collette Baron-Reid
🤍 Soul Truth By by Brianne Hovey and Gheen Hillman
🤍 Romance Angels By Doreen Virtue
🤍 Manifest Success by Midnight Oracle Shop (Etsy)
🤍 Money & Job Oracle Cards Amazon
🤍 The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle by Bernadette King

All readings are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY (& spiritual satisfaction). Readings may not resonate with every person. You are responsible for how you process the information & what you do with it. Intuitive Soul Coach is not qualified to give professional, medical, legal, or financial advice.

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  1. I saw a round ruby ( like a chakra). Great Reading! Thank You!

  2. Okay i want to find someone new love❤❤❤

  3. Thank you so much!!✨✨
    I was thinking of a purple pink cartoon like stone

  4. Beautiful reading Melissa! Thank you so much for sharing this.❤

  5. Thanks, Melissa, for this 'connecting to the crystal' idea. I am the tough cookie to 'see' things, but to spot a big amethyst cluster was no problem! It is exciting to practice more regularly, even for 5 minutes. Will do from now on🙂

  6. Great Very on TRACT 🥰🌞🦋👏👏👏👏

  7. Okay, I am 74 years young and I am never giving up on my dreams. I am here to help this World and I'm not dead yet. Waiting for my DM, together we will be heard. Thanks for all you do

  8. Pink heart-shaped stone! It was rose quartz though.. ❤😊

  9. I definitely try my best to stay out of fear-based energy. Great reading! I thought of the Serpentine stone and the color green 💚.

  10. For a long time I felt that there is no way that I can make this career change and kept thinking who is going to hire me? I kept telling myself that they will look for someone fresh out of college or in their twenties. This is so not true, I need to speak positivity over my life. Thank you.

  11. Pink. 2 tones of light and dark💕💕😊

  12. 65 young on 21st September. Believe me trust is everything to me. ⚘️🇳🇿

  13. Alright! I got the color red. It was a darker red with a hint of Orange.

  14. Beautiful reading thanks Melissa 😊❤

  15. I have a couple of important job interviews in october I'm manifesting getting the job!!! I'm so excited!! Thanks

  16. Add me to the drawing please: AMYETHYST I was thinking nut peridot came to find when focusing looking at my 3rd eye. ❤ Thank you that was a very detailed message down to the names Felipe and Carl. ❤ #Virgo sun #scorpio rising #cancer moon #cancer Venus

  17. Carnelian 🎉🎉🎉 diamonds, amethyst

  18. Thank you for confirmation ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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