US Chess Championship, World Juniors, Fabiano *finally* Finished his Course

The US Championship has just started and the boys are shamelessly promoting Fabiano’s new chessable course (which is not out yet), and the c-squared new website…they also talk the us championship, world juniors, Hans, and more. Enjoy, and don’t forget to subscribe to feed the algorithm.

00:00 intro
00:37 Fabi’s new chessable course
05:51 Fabi’s course is catered towards…
06:42 lifespan of the course
08:42 how to approach the course?
10:39 C2 discount code?
12:40 U.S Championship
14:00 Naka is not playing US championship
15:27 Hans took Hikaru’s place
15:57 Fine of switching federation
19:42 Who’s playing US championship
21:44 Who leads US championship
23:06 is it more difficult to win now than before?
27:38 Naka and Magnus are playing in Qatar Masters
29:01 Anish Giri’s tweet
32:33 US Championships dark horse
33:00 Han’s isn’t playing too well
33:47 Juniors are very tough
37:51 Goverment support
39:51 problems with organization
43:48 flute from Mexico
44:26 What’s the goat story?
45:09 U.S Women’s championship
48:22 Andrew Tang
51:12 Magnus playing drunk
51:21 Chessbrah tournament
55:12 New website + New merch


  1. First I thought by "cat sweaters" Fabi meant sweaters with cat image on it, then I found he meant sweaters for cats. Now I just want to see the cats🥺

  2. Really appreciated the higher quality video, it really makes a difference!

  3. I want to go to Mexico city they have a cool looking library

  4. Sweet quality production guys! clap clap!

  5. Thank you as always for your insights!

  6. Can you please show us small chessboard with moves you are talking about?

  7. So what is the course about? Around 10:00 he's saying something about it, but I still don't understand what the course is about.

  8. Fun to see Fabi a bit relaxed and having fun w/ the cat sweaters, I giggled

  9. Legit, I’m sitting in the train heading back home at 1 am, quite drunk, after my first party in medschool, and I’m hearing the c squared podcast and life is just good! Love your podcast and you two guys, it’s just great!

  10. Han's problem is his mentality. Until he can look at a bad position and think "hey this is at best drawish, but probably losing… I need to focus on not losing" instead of going "MUST WIN MUST WIN ANYTHING TO WIN" he is never going to break into the top level.

  11. Ok.. I admire Fabi immensely BUT somehow the most basic info was omitted from this interview: Namely… what opening is Fabi’s upcoming Chessable course on?!?

  12. Christian,anish meant chicken chess club fan🤣poking at fressinet

  13. I feel like chirila is kind of a Hanscel, and that makes me puke abit in my mouth. Populism is sad.

  14. Fabby's Chessable course is about the Arkhangelsk against the Ruy Lopez. As an 1…e5 player, while this is interesting, it sounds too big brained for me.

  15. I am so buying that course Idec what the course is on 😅

  16. Guests are great but also enjoy listening to a relaxing episode with the 2 of you in person again.
    Congrats on the new website! So happy for you both on all the success and here’s to much more to come in the future. 🍻
    Best of luck Fabi in the Disrespect US Championship and Cristian with commentary in the new studio!! ☺️🤍

  17. Did they mention what opening Fabi's course covers?

  18. With 4 players from the top ten it sounds like the US Championship of 2023 is now equivalent to the USSR Championship of the 50s and 60s. Scary.

  19. Walter (6-time) Browne is always forgotten In the list of multi-time winners of US championships.

  20. Again very bad choises made by you gyus. First being bffs with a r****t and now bffs with the toxic Hans? Wow. This time the "we didn't know " won't work.

  21. Christian, are you training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by any chance?

  22. Isn't Chessable HQ in Spain? What are you hiding Fabi…

  23. Laughed out loud at 5:46, its very funny to me when Fabi expresses like that

  24. Lifetime Repertoires are usually uploaded on Mondays so it will probably be out Monday October 9.

  25. Guys I jerk off to your podcast – awesome, thank you!

  26. something tells me these guys are boyfriends lol. Always same room and had anyone seen Fabi or Cristisn with a girl relationship?

  27. One question – since the cat sweater works also for small dogs, will it also work for large rats ? thank you.

  28. Not certain Fabi, but I think your owl may be a Harpy eagle. Certainly looks like one aside from the coloring. Lets go Fabi, win the U.S. Championship!

  29. I'm sure Jen perked up when Fabi mentioned cat sweaters. Finally, an interesting topic.

  30. The look on Fabi's face in the intro 🤣🤣

  31. 🤣🤣 Fabi with his cat sweaters. Love that guy.

  32. didnt magnus play all three main scandi lines against fabi in classical?

  33. Why does it take you guys days to release the audio on podcast apps?

  34. Hans has bad tournament.
    Hans has no wi-fi.

    I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

  35. How closely does the Chessable course follow the Chessbase disks? The chessable course is more current?

  36. I love the candid behind the scenes peeks cSquared gives to the very busy lives of chess professionals

  37. It would be great if you show the moves on a board when you talk about lines.

  38. FYI, recording level is low compared to other podcasts e.g. on a car stereo Fabi's voice is almost impossible to hear over road noise.

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