Tyler1 is a Chess Magician | Pogchamps 5 | Group Stage

Tyler1 performed magic on the chessboard during Pogchamps 5, surviving everything Jinny could throw at him and even promoting his d-pawn on the a8 to a QUEEN!?

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  1. “Running it down mid, is that a football thing?”💀

  2. WINNABLE BigBrother BIG TONKA T BigBrother Clap BigBrother Clap EZ

  3. I love Andrea, she's very beautiful and she's fun to watch. But her commentary is absolutely atrocious.

  4. Oh gosh! I'm early.

    Early gang ⬇⬇⬇

  5. Tyler using running back skills to escort his king to safety 💀

  6. Jinny lost to a guy who doesn't know what mate is bruh

  7. Tyler1, bro is a GOAT of Chess and League of Legends

  8. Tyler accidental castling needs to be fixed guys. Happens to me one time, I'm just confused and moved on.

  9. Tyler1 vs Frank will be the chess match of the century

  10. He's not just the League of Legends, he's the Chess too!

  11. the commentators seem off. unwatchable, shouldve hired real commentators not these youtubers

  12. I've watched Tyler a few times, and it's obvious this clueless guy is just a character he plays to entertain. Many times I've seen him pretending to be clueless and then doing something very very sharp and smart. It'd not surprise me if he has played chess before and is feigning ignorance or being clueless just for his character's sake.

  13. Jinny was playing so badly anyone would have looked good against her

  14. kto z polski oglada (bruce powinien byc w tych pogchampsach btw)

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