Tyler1 is a Chess Magician | Pogchamps 5 | Group Stage

Tyler1 performed magic on the chessboard during Pogchamps 5, surviving everything Jinny could throw at him and even promoting his d-pawn on the a8 to a QUEEN!?

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  1. we should see dcdisrespect vs tyler

  2. bro this was painful to watch for me and im only rated 800, imagine how hard it is to watch bad chess for people like magnus

  3. There are a lot of grandmasters but there's only one challenger.

  4. can we have LESS chess guys commentary and MORE streamers commentary? Like proportion wise,,,,, 80% streamers talking and 20% chess guys talking

  5. 5 role challenger, elite level powerlifting stats, mentally challenged in just about everything else. Truly a being that was built differently, this is one of the chess match of all time

  6. Levi doesn't know Tyler1 :v He loves trades

  7. Why tf would you spoil a win in the first 5 sec

  8. My man even gave himself a handicap(irl at birth and in-game!!!) by completely not learning how to checkmate and still won!!! Truly built different!!!!!!!!!!

  9. We need Daniel Naroditsky coaching Tyler1 that would be so fun to watch

  10. You can actually run down mid in League, it's called feeding mid lol

  11. Chess servers are even worse than league's client jesus christ

  12. 9:48 Mate by accident 😂 and the way Taylor glanzed at his screen, it was 😀

  13. "running it down mid" is definitely a league of legends term


  15. Pogchamps is one of the best things ever to come to the internet

  16. When are they even streaming this ??? Please tell the time

  17. This editing is killing me. Can't follow the game when you just skip ahead 5 moves!

  18. Why does the best League of Legends streamer of the last 2 years have a toaster as a microphone?

  19. tyler: grandmaster?what? i am already challenger

  20. When will you invite Tumblur, the king the king the king the king of chess

  21. This is why TSM never wins Worlds. Even T1 Tyler1 can beat TSM Jinny 🤣

  22. That castle from Tyler was such an Iron V move

  23. I hope Big Tonka T1 goes far in this tournament

  24. Bro nobody told me new dumb and dumber sequel was coming out

  25. Censoring chess because the level of play is so profanely bad 😭😂😅

  26. Tyler is the new face of chess, sorry Gotham L and magnus carlmid

  27. I like to watch levy but he just loves to give himself props at any turn no offense but let your ego rest a little

  28. If tyler1s gonna fight xqc hes gotta be coached by naroditsky

  29. Tyler1 cheated check his accuracy of any games and then the pogchamp ones. Fing joke and sad he needs to cheat.

  30. If Daniel Naroditzky worked out, he would look like Tyler

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