Top 6 Chess Traps

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List of the Top 6 Chess Traps from the video:
#6 Legal Trap 0:43
#5 Blackburne Shilling Gambit Trap 1:51
#4 Elephant Trap 4:09
#3 Lasker Trap 5:29
#2 Englund Gambit Trap 7:44
#1 Fishing Pole Trap 9:43


  1. why didny you talk about the most obvious choise pawn to C3??

  2. In the lasker trap, why wouldn’t the king take the pawn instead of letting the pawn become a knight?

  3. Only if these worked against the computer 😢

  4. This is Vivid Proof that Chess is a BORING WASTE OF TIME. It comes down to which pompous asshole has Memorized more moves and counter moves.

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  5. y is that pawn push needed for the legal trap against the bishop, hes still attacking the queen and he'll take the bait

  6. Laskertrap- why no take the third knight with the rook?

  7. How can the Lasker trap work? If the pawn does become a knight on G1 (check) the white rook can just take the knight. Am I missing something here?

  8. My friend why you move pawn to h3. Its a waste right?

  9. lol 3:33 you can capture the pawn knight c2 instead of bishop c5 followed by queen h1 and its checkmate

  10. In the lasker trap, why would black just not simply take the new knight on g1 with the rook on h1? Take the piece and relieve the check. Would that not work?

  11. jheez that legal trap was so satisfying to watch

  12. you basically need to play your self in the 3 last traps!

  13. You ever play someone so low level that stuff like this doesn’t work bc they don’t know what they “should be doing”

  14. At 7:04 why wouldn’t the rook simply take the Knight instead of moving the king?

  15. The #6 trap is so bad bc why would the black team go for the prince's and not the king

  16. First trap will be totally wasted if your opponent decide to have your knight not your Queen. You will lose a bishop.

  17. A few of these traps have defensive moves that could be played that weren’t showed

  18. 7:06 : can't the rook take the knight instead of moving the king?

  19. where is stafford gambit trap?????????????????????????????????????

  20. I'm a beginner, but at 7:00 wouldn't be easier for Black to take g1 knight with rook?

  21. Blackburne Shilling Gambit trap: what if 5. Bxf7+

  22. 6:50 couldnt he just simply take the knight with the tower in the corner?(i forgot the english word)

  23. In second trap what happened when they di castle?? 🤔🤔

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