Top 6 Chess Traps

More chess traps can be found

List of the Top 6 Chess Traps from the video:
#6 Legal Trap 0:43
#5 Blackburne Shilling Gambit Trap 1:51
#4 Elephant Trap 4:09
#3 Lasker Trap 5:29
#2 Englund Gambit Trap 7:44
#1 Fishing Pole Trap 9:43


  1. they are all useless traps they only work agains people who dont think

  2. does Nr. 6 (the Legal Trap) require h3? It seems the trap would work if the knight captures on e5 immediately after Bg4. Or am I overlooking something?

  3. Hi Kevin and guys! In the Legal trap (1st trap), whats the difference in h2 and then Ne5 or just Ne5 directly?

  4. Did this without playing h3😭😭… opponent took Ncxe5 and i blundered my knight for free while his bishop remained defended by his knight…I have changed my name to "H3" now🥲

  5. 5:21 this is so cap when he says he is up material lol

  6. Una sugerencia debes de crear un canal para las personas q hablan español. Saludos

  7. For the lasker trap at 7:07, why can’t the rook just attack the pawn turned knight?

  8. Dont know why in the first example you moved H2 to H3. Cant see why it wouldn't work if you immediately move F3 to E5.

  9. Whenever I see the knight on the queen side coming out I instinctively bring my pawn out to deny it access to my half of the board

  10. The third “trap”the pawn can simply capture the attacking pawn it’s the obvious better move

  11. White
    King pawn: 0:43 (Three Knights Opening) – good start 9/10

    King pawn: 1:49 (Italian Game) – unlikely 3/10
    King pawn: 7:45 (Englund Gambit) – unlikely 6/10
    King pawn: 9:41 (Ruy López Opening) – excellent 10/10
    Queen pawn: 4:10 (Queen's Gambit Declined: Modern, Knight Defense) – rare, but effective 9/10
    Queen pawn: 5:28 (Queen's Gambit Declined: Albin Countergambit) rare, but effective 9/10

  12. Yo jugaría. .N:e5Q:h5N:c4 y los blancos perdan figura!!

  13. Here's my question about the Lasker trap. Okay, you finally changed your pawn to a knight. You gave the opponent a check. However, what would you do if your opponent didn't move his king, but his rook, and removed your 3rd knight instead? Why wouldn't he take your knight with his rook?

  14. In lasker gambit,,why didnt just take the promoted knight with the rook?

  15. The thing about these traps is that they rely heavily on your opponent following the script…how often are these traps actually successful?

  16. The key to chess is to make the best move.

  17. I really don't understand what is going on 😂lol

  18. When playing the legal trap try asking for a draw to trick your opponent to think you blundered

  19. Next video must be how to destroy people who use the gambits

  20. Why not the castle just taking the pawn that becomes a knight in the Lasker trap?! Am I missing something?


  22. What’s the point of moving to h3 in the legal trap?

  23. What if in black’ s second move it move pawn to d6 or other pawn to f6

  24. Elephant trap seems weird. Black is only up by a knight after all that

  25. On legal trap why do you have to push the h pawn?

  26. Accept Jesus now he's coming he, s the son of god

  27. hit your opponent's face with the chess. that's the real trap😅✌️

  28. Dude. As I fan of gambit line opening I never do the trades that set up the traps. Alteast 3 and 4. This is a reason why never experimented those traps being played on me

  29. Nice 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  30. The biggest flaw in the lecture on the Lasker Trap is that when the black pawn comes to the last row and becomes a black knight, it is situated next to the white rook. The room is not threatened and can instantly capture the newly promoted knight.

  31. Ideagenius - computer, laptop and mobile videos! says:

    3:32 I recommend Nxc2 and Qxc2 might be a kind of ; sort of a good move.

  32. How is the legal trap checkmate when the d6 pawn can capture the knight

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