Top 5 Greatest Chess Sacrifices

This is the list of the top 5 greatest chess sacrifices of all time. Sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy as people give up material and come out with the victory.


  1. Wow… never seen one like no2 they kidnapped the king and put him in their own castle 😭😭

  2. Hit 'dislike' by accident. Please disregard.

  3. Its like the game by GM Esteban Canal vs An amateur in peruvian masters where he does the exact moves.. Anyways gg

  4. I was literally eating a bag of popcorn when I saw this video

  5. Peruvian Inmortal is one of my favourites games, not just because I'm Peruvian 😛

  6. i guessed the games from your 3-5 spot, but haven't seen the game from your top spot before. i was actually expecting anderssen's immortal (KGA) to make an appearance.

  7. In number 1. White must have really mindfucked Black.

  8. So.. what do popcorn bags actually taste like?..

  9. This whole list should've been reversed from 5 being number 1 and #1 being number 5

  10. Chess engines have come a long way. My chess engine found the sacrifice moves for every game except for Najdorf's

  11. I googled the whole game to see how the hell the Bishop got there to H2. lol.

  12. imho the greatest attacking player of all times has to be Tal. But that's just my opinion.

  13. These classic games (and many others) are eternally awe-inspiring, and yet I often find many contemporary games to be just as interesting.

    Chess is alive. The best move, the best sacrifice, the best game, hasn't been played yet.

  14. Those are all so impressive to my simple mind.

  15. Fantastic!
    I loved the arogance of number 1
    Keep up the great work

  16. This is incredible! Thanks for making these great videos

  17. Number 4 on the list is somewhat a common type of sacrifice we see these days.

  18. Definitely opens your mind up to what's possible

  19. Wow. I always kind of like the Lasker game for some reason. Just the way he got his opponents King all the way from one end of the board to the other,AND could have mated him by castleing.

    All brilliant games. Epic sacrafices, great video.

  20. Agreed. Tal sacrificed all the time lol.

  21. Some players just accept it because it's more fun. Accepting the sacrifice and defending the attack is a challenge that some find hard to resist. In the days of Paul Morphy, it was considered ungentlemanly to refuse a sacrifice or a gambit when offered (with the exception of counter-gambits).

    Also, if any of the opponents in these games refused the sacrifices then they would end up down in material and/or have a bad position, so accepting it is probably best.

  22. It really isn't, just because it's on h7 doesn't mean that a sacrifice with the Queen is common.

  23. Whoa??? Kevin, please, we all know who is the ultimate attacker … Morphy is a legend, "developer" of Italian Game but there is only one name, a spectacular thinker, an arrogant dog, a manifestation of a higher talent, a party killer, an artist … MIKHAIL TAL !!!

  24. 4th place was hilarious! Black has pretty much no development and his king is on the opposite side of the board all alone. Definitely one of my favorite games

  25. Before watching the video, I want to thank Kevin for posting it. Thank you! Upload more please

  26. Hey Kevin, how did Nezhmetdinov's immortal queen sac not make this list?

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