Top 5 Greatest Chess Sacrifices

This is the list of the top 5 greatest chess sacrifices of all time. Sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy as people give up material and come out with the victory.


  1. Nice, but I think I'd make your #1 to be #5.  It was a grandmaster against an amateur so, yeah, he kicked a*&.  But, that is to be expected.  I think sacrifices of one grandmaster against another carry a little more weight.

  2. 4:09 Can you checkmate while you castle?
    – Hold my beer.

  3. plz provie me the capblanca move of the century

  4. Why didnt white capture the rook at the start of the video?

  5. Hahaha. Last one was very predictable even for a beginner like me.

  6. Me: Right, my 2 rooks are gone, so let's sacrifice my queen.
    Sacrifices queen
    Opponent doesn't take queen, instead checkmates
    Me: Wait what

  7. I'm surprised the Anderssen vs Dufresne Evergreen Immortal game didn't make the list. It was especially memorable.

  8. I actually guessed the move because I already watched this

  9. My reaction when I managed to get to the part when Bobby Fischer checkmated his enemy in a real chess tournament (+_+)

  10. It would be nice to put links to chessgames for each game

  11. It's 'Donald Byrne', not Donald Byrd.

  12. number 1 should be Atkins against Jacobs in year 1915

  13. Tal was not in the list because it's all about the 'greatest'.. Not God mode..!!

  14. 11:04 how the black can castling while the bishop is pointing in between the black rook and king?

  15. admin has forgotten about Mikhail Tal's sacrifices. )

  16. the king was on g8 before but
    now its on g1<;)……………🤣😂

  17. I would've beaten fischer with those horrible moves LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  18. Man this is the best chess video ever!!

  19. The Lasker was legendary. But the real legendary move was to resign one move away from a checkmate hell yeah

  20. Who resigns one move before an inevitable checkmate? He should of resignes once his king was on f3

  21. Can you go a little slow & shone just one game in one video

  22. Pretty sure it’s Donald Byrne, not Donald Bird.

  23. This Monday I sacerficed my queen for a checkmate.

  24. When I see those vids, I always want to play a game of chess so bad, but when I do so, I just suck so hard I immediatly quit.

  25. Gotta say, O-O-O# seems like a fantastic way to win.

  26. I actually got the last one! Definitely easier when you are deliberately looking for terrible looking moves.

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