Top 10 illegal Moves in Chess From Super Grandmasters

Top Illegal moves from Top Super Grandmasters and world champion

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1.Shortest Game Of Magnus Carlsen :
3.Danill Dubov Beats Hikaru Nakamura In 17 Moves Carlsen Chess Tour 2020 Semi finals :
4.Bobby Fischer Busts the Dragon In Just 10 Moves to Beat Reshevsky :

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  1. Someone please explain to a noob, what was wrong with the intro video? They just moved the king one field away. What was illegal about it? Another question: why is it illegal to touch a king? What were the circumstances that made it illegal to touch a king?

  2. Illegally promote to a pawn ? ( 9:08)
    Who cares ? Whatever he is promoting the pawn into, it will still get instantly taken by the rook…
    Black player saw no point in wasting the time and effort and his opponent respected that.

  3. I don't understand Nepo illegally promotes a pawn

  4. Nice video if you didn't show the same clips multiple times.

  5. There should be an app called "OTB chess" which allows you to make illegal moves and its a 3 player game with one player being assigned as the arbiter.

  6. I didn't understand the 3rd, 4th and last clips.

  7. Fabiano didn't press the clock, it was the queen's movement as she staggered and tripped over the time button. Fabiano did nothing illegal. 0:28

  8. 7:34 I hope they changed that rule, I can understand why it's in place but it's honestly so bs for someone to win that way, it's like throwing dust in someone's eyes, doesn't seem like a fair gimmick.

  9. What happened in the last one ? I didn’t get it ?

  10. Why isn't the illegal move the end of the game? How can you be able to strategize making an illegal move ftw?

  11. Ok we evade these rule in online games automatically and in a friendly match it's a mess if authority watch us play they'll banned us to ever touch the chess

  12. Okay after watching the game a couple times Fabi didn’t hit the clock what happened was when he went for the Queen he accidentally grabbed the white Queen and the black Queen slightly tilted which hit the clock..

  13. Lost a game because they set up my queen on the wrong colour lost that game but still ended up playing for the championship but fell short

  14. I don't understand anything but it's fun to watch

  15. These stupid rules made me lose interest in ever playung in a tournament

  16. i really cant tell how fabi clock was pressed. his hand didnt touch it.

  17. 5:12 is not an illegal move, right? he just commited himself to play with the king. it's more of a blunder. but playing the king sounds for me legal (however, a bad move)

  18. 8:00 why does carlson lose?? i mean, his opponent did the illegal move?? his move wasn't even illegal, right? he just didn't react to his opponent's illegal move. this totally doesn't make sense??? am i blind?
    ok i will keep in mind: 'making something illegal is ok. not realizing someones does something illegal is very bad!!'

  19. 8:58 sure, technically it was a foul. but, since both knew the queen (or whatever) will be taken, they just saved some time. very fair by magnus

  20. Alexandra is terrible for how she did Magnus.

  21. Usa q free tv saturfay morning cartoons apota too pleadesaall families would enjoy

  22. They just doing it to think more about position)

  23. Illegal move no longer loses Blitz game? – terrible idea which is clearly open to all sorts of cheating. Almost as rubbish as the 'miss' rule in snooker when they have to bugger around for ages 'replacing' all the balls.

  24. Ma il nero Γ¨ sotto scacco e non muove il re giΓ  Γ¨ illegale prima

  25. magnus ended up winning bc of the senior arbiter in 8: 35

  26. What is with the terrible distortion on these clips?

  27. most clips the players did not do it on purpose

  28. They're all innocent mistakes, but the funniest was the dude moving his king next to Hikaru's king… not even amateur players make that mistake – stunning for a GM. As for the "added time" rule… no, it should be instant loss. Resetting the clocks is ridiculous.

  29. last one wasn't illegal .. it was just losing a rook by skewer.

  30. To ensure 100% win percentage, I always open with Queen's Gambit, then I throw the entire chess board on my opponent for maximum damage!

  31. For the promotion blunders, just change the rule so that if you don't say anything, it's a queen. It's by far the most common promotion, and this will make especially rapid and blitz games less awkward in such situations, since you're already doing so much simultaneous thinking and precise hand movements.

  32. I liked this video previously but now u r using fake thumbnail of current championship Nepo-Ding
    Thats why I hit dislike πŸ‘Ž

  33. What kind of horseshit rule is if you touch a piece you have to move it. That is completely idiotic.

  34. A lot of these would be avoided if players announced check

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