Titled Tuesday: Chess, not as you know it!

Watch some Grandmaster commentary! In this video, I play and comment on my attempt at the chess.com Titled Tuesday competition, the strongest online chess tournament in the world

This was a live stream, bear that in mind when watching!

I’ll be competing in more Titled Tuesdays so stay tuned for more, on my YouTube and Twitch channels.

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  1. Is there a way to send you money DIRECTLY for you to buy a NORMAL MOUSE ALREADY? =)

  2. Merry Christmas Ginger, will we see you soon?

  3. Some wild and hilarious games. Had me laughing so much. Thanks for the video.😅😅

  4. hey mate we haven't seen from you for a while, let us know you're doing well! ✌️

  5. 2 months ….No YouTube content.Last known location….walking the cat ….

  6. Wondered what is happening with Simon? Hasn't posted here for 2 months, and all but two of his twitch streams have been deleted. Hope he's doing ok

  7. Where has Simon gone? He's not streamed for a month or tweeted anything and his last games online were 3 weeks ago. Odd as he's usually one of the most active players/streamers. Hope all is ok.

  8. God dammit ginger you need to get a beer in you and beat some ass…just like the old days. Bring a beer on the show and own your vikingness. You can stop partying on your off days

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