Titled Tuesday: Chess, not as you know it!

Watch some Grandmaster commentary! In this video, I play and comment on my attempt at the chess.com Titled Tuesday competition, the strongest online chess tournament in the world

This was a live stream, bear that in mind when watching!

I’ll be competing in more Titled Tuesdays so stay tuned for more, on my YouTube and Twitch channels.

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  1. simons last TT he was over 2700 how did he lose so much points>

  2. Another great video! Love your commentary and your play! We need more camera shots of Charlie the chess cat too!

  3. GingerGM/Simon Williams the Legend >>> Hey Simon, good wind to you!! I would like to ask you something. Why do you think we don´t see the Nesjmetdinov-gambit in the Siesta-variation in the Ruy Lopez played very much in our days and time? I mean it has far more theory to it than for example the Englund-gambit, so I assume it´s more sound than the Englund-gambit. But why don´t we see it played?

  4. What a performance! 👏👏👏 The Great Player (of the Past)!

    I'm also glad you like the boxing. And also glad you're doing it more on the light-contact basis 😀 I also did light contact boxing and it is absolutely fascinating and therapeutic!! and tough 🙂

  6. 37:50 Unless there's some concrete importance to a flank pawn the engine will basically ignore its existence. And the game is also a great example of how I often loose: I think I'm loosing (which I'm not), I try to be aggressive (which fails), I'm actually loosing now. It's usually the second mistake that kills you, not the first.

  7. Not sure why, but I chuckle at the sound of "plonky plonky"…

  8. Lol Simon walks in to TT with a 2500 rating and most of his opponents were well over 2700 and he still gets a pretty good score. What a troll! Can you imagine being a 2800 and you relax when you see you're playing a 2500 and then he beats you! Lots of good lesser used openings here, including the Portsmouth Gambit, which he wisely used against a 2450. I really didn't think the Portsmouth could beat a higher rated player but Simon proved me wrong!

  9. You look like you lost a fist-fight, bro.

  10. Simon's chess content is the best chess content. Great mix of instructiveness and humor/entertainment. I don't know if it's scarcity increases it's value or not but I will take what I can get.

  11. why simon storytelling about iceland when he plays nihal sarin and dropping H pawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  12. Chess computers can’t be programmed to understand basic drawing positions and theories but I‘m supposed to believe AI isn‘t programmed by people with biases and I should trust them to design this behemoth to dictate all of human society.

  13. i hope you don't mind the oversharing but i've been suffering a nervous breakdown recently and your videos are helping me through it. you have such a good vibe about you; i can just tell that you're a good fucking person. i appreciate that you make content. we're lucky to have it. ps – nice peep show sub notification

  14. Considering the entire canon of broadcast television, film and youtube – indeed anything that could be described as "visual media" – from any country, genre or era, there is nothing I would rather watch than a GingerGM Titled Tuesday.

  15. Hey Simon! Your arch enemy mr Finegold recently published a video with the title "Great Players of the Past: Simon Williams" on his YouTube channel.

  16. Simon seeing the dragadorf in the first game reminded me of some of my own games. Getting bored playing the normal Najdorf and Scheveningen positions I started to play g6 and though statistically it is not that good for black; if you know what you are doing the resulting positions end up being rich tactically and can be a real weapon in games with shorter time controls. If your after some great content on it Miodrag Perunovic aka the Butcher has some great videos exploring the tactical ins and outs from the black perspective. Thanks for the great video; entertaining all the way through!

  17. I have to play it cuz it's really cool…
    You're a legend Simon

  18. Just watched Ben Fiengold's lecture about you. You're such a legend, sac every piece

  19. What a heroic King walk! A lovely stream. Let's play like Richard Pert.

  20. Simon I love the content but your volume is always lower than pretty much anything else on YouTube.

  21. Love your games Simon! Very entertaining stuff!

  22. Two epic games:
    57:03 – vs FLYD. You didn't notice, but the Chess_com analysis gave you both an elo rating of 1700. Alpha Zero propably gave you a rating of 3000.
    1:35:10 – vs blitzo_vich. Your opponent earned 6 Great moves and lost to a check-mate after 9 points evaluation lead. Shows how the check-mate ends the game!

  23. I hope Charlie is doing ok. Charlie is a great cat!

  24. Thoroughly entertaining content as usual – love these Titled Tuesday streams! Thank you.

  25. That was really cool what Finegold just did.

  26. Cheers Simon. That was great. Thought you were a bit unlucky in some of those, in my comedy humble opinion.

  27. Mate when are you coming to the good Knight in Oslo?

  28. I feel like whenever you get paired with a very strong player, you switch off mentally without even making first move, for example game against Nihal

  29. Instead of listing cheats names they should list how many cheats are gm how many I’m and how many are nm

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