This Man is 10,000,000 Chess Elo

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  1. fkn love this game, apparently its been around b4 we evolved, no shit! greys!

  2. He is up to 1400! I can't tell if he would benefit from using regular openigns of if he is benefitted from the cow opening because no one understands it!

  3. I hope Tyler watched this video cause it hyped me up and I'm not even him

  4. Tyler1 on his Chess Arc is so damn glorious to watch

  5. Tyler1's signature cow opening is literally embodying the phrase "fear not the man who practiced a thousand moves once, but the man who practiced one move a thousand times" to its very core.

  6. At 18:05, for a League of Legends analogy, Tyler1 realizes that he can just hit Nexus and win instead of going for the bottom tower and hope your next fight wins the game.

  7. He’s playing chess like LOL. Hes gunna get gm as a one trick.

  8. dude hited 1430 two days ago, and is now at 1370, it would be nice if u make another video (since the he improved a lot in the past 7 DAYS)

  9. Non League gamers will never grasp just how insane Tyler 1 is. He is like a natural disaster once he sets his mind on something he will do it. It will consume every moment of his life until he does.

  10. He is playing a 8 lane MOBA 1v1. Perspective can change everything.

  11. I swear you can review any game and make it entertaining as hell. Thank you for this ❤

  12. Bro I checked today and tyler1 is 1400?????? Huhhhhh??? Bro is him

  13. lol he hit 1436 but now is sitting around 1383 crazy a few more days and the next video will be 1700 ELO big_tonka_t

  14. I can imagine that tyler1 that will become a gm before levy


  16. not many people will understand the gravity of what Tyler has accomplished in league. Especially because his success in league utilizes a very macro-oriented, pattern recognizing playstyle. He's made for chess. When Tyler looks at a frame of league he intuitively understands where each player is, where the value is, what everyone's win condition is and makes the right move accordingly. He did this for all 5 roles of the game. He didn't succeed because he's just mechanically gifted on a strong champion and downing Adderalls. He wins with the same tools that you win with chess. He's also an addict.

  17. 1 week later and he hit 1400 rapid already its freaking crazy

  18. he's a league addict.. nothing amazing here.. just changing addiction

  19. tyler is just different, anything he does, whether it is chess, league, anything, he is very dedicated to getting better, putting in hundred of hours in just a week. Its why he's better at almost anything

  20. great video, i like when u dont explain tooo much this vid was just perfekt

  21. T1 needs to stream for 1 day just to react to this lmao

  22. I would love to see t1 reach 2000s then walk in to an in-person chess tournament for the first time and place in that

  23. 23:41 I wouldnt guard my room I would take blacks rook for mate in 4!!!!

    Ummmmmm took takes B4 check King takes Queen to b8…??!?!?!?

  24. Just an update: He crossed 1400, with his highest rating at 1460. With a puzzle rating of 2706, he has played over 3500 games. Absolutely bonkers.

  25. I think that gothamchess doesn't know that tyler1 is very short irl

  26. 23:50 for some reason people decide to instead of resigning they wait and let the clock run out. I'm 1200 and its been done to me more than a few times

  27. For context, 40-50 chess games will run you about 6.5-8.5 hours a day of constant chess usually. Given, that’s approximating that a rapid game last 10 minutes. It could be as high as 13-17 hours per day if every game goes the full duration. That’s borderline ever waking moment of your day playing chess. The sheer dedication this man has is awe inspiring.

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