This Is How Chess Pawns Move

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  1. I am wearing a RED MAGA hat with GREEN, dark green, light green, white, and orange stripes on it. I am wearing white gloves.I am wearing green shoes.I am wearing a red shirt with navy blue, dark blue, yellow, Cyan, Yellow-orange, orange-red, light blue, grey blue, baby blue, Metallic Blue, light gray-blue, cobalt blue, and burgundy stripes on it. I am wearing purple underwear that has pink and aqua-green stripes on it.

  2. by the way, you missed the move called "by the way"

  3. I feel like in passing through the rules so quickly he may have skipped one

  4. "One last trick"
    That isn't an en passant position

  5. You forgot the en passant Bro
    It Is not exactly an extra move but It Is funny showing It.

  6. This is an L video for forgetting en passant.

  7. Fair enough. I tried explaining en passant to a friend on her first day of learning chess. Worst decision, she got super confused

  8. En passant: πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘ Guys?

  9. Chess is keeping en passant a secret from noobs

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