This Chess Hustler Called Me A Clown…

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Playing some chess hustlers at Washington Square Park.

Video shot and edited by Vitor Fraga: [email protected]

0:00 Intro
6:15 Chess Hustler 2

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  1. I thought mark zuckerberg doppleganger was holding the play by play board LOL

  2. Second guy sounded like he was from a video game

  3. Levy never played the moves that I was predicting. As a 400, I find that painfully humbling.

  4. Dude is definitely the king of the park. I want him to give me a quest

  5. That second guys voice saying "Don't be greedy, give to the needy" pops into my head randomly from time to time.

  6. I saw the guy at 6:35 say “I’m here for the content but if you had a bud light it’d be even better for the content” and I just assumed he’s a radical fem / deception

  7. “Bro if you get a bud light it would be good for the content.” What was that dude talking about? Lol

  8. i will never be greedy, and will always get to the needy. thank you hustler 2

  9. It’s as if Levy was suppose to meet the 2nd guy lol some guys u never forget meeting

  10. last guy shouldve won by taking that bishop

  11. The guy standing behind the clock looks like Zuckerburg 😂

  12. I considered trash talking your opponent to me him laugh a kind of art 🧐

  13. Bro was confessing his love for levy the whole game

  14. the board holder look like Bobby Fischer

  15. The guy in the background looks like Jews holding up the chess board so we can see the plays

  16. The red t shirt guy is the perfect real world NPC

  17. Dude in the red T shirt I will literally pay to be my daily life coach 😂. What a motivational dude!

  18. Is that Mark Zuckerberg in the back 😂?

  19. “The irony of saying the bishop survived something is not lost on me” -this us actually the greatest quote of the video

  20. Well if you had the makeup and wig you'd be a clown. The pic mislead me.

  21. Try playing in trash get trashed lol

  22. 6:30 "if you get yourself a budlight, that'd make it so much better for the content" a phrase that would never be uttered after 2022 🤣🤣🤣

  23. A younger Bob Fischer came to watch the game

  24. Best thing about street chess is the trash talking!

  25. He’s got my legs open. He comes in there I’m screwed

  26. I love the honesty 4 minutes in about how he doesn't consider himself a grandmaster at all because he only thinks one turn at a time.
    I respect that, also I can't think more than a move at a time either.

    I swear this one is special. Some really cool people you played chess with. Amazing spirits.

  27. Second guy was like the computer players when they say shit

  28. levy isnt actually that good (relatively speaking) hes more of an entertainer. thats about it.

  29. Hey look like the guy in the middle holds the virtual board the entire first game.

  30. 56 years old never learned how to wait to take your turn.

  31. I got a full minute into the video before I realized I was so focused on the actual board to watch the game that I missed that it was played out in the image above!

  32. Who’s that guy wearing gray long-sleeved polo? Bobby Fischer?!

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