This Chess Game ENDED IN 7 MOVES!

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  1. This is stupid. First who the hell will take that first pawn, that's a trade favoring your opponent. Second who in his right mind would put the king in g8.

  2. Instead of knight to g8 he would king to b3 checkmate

  3. Nope, no checkmate queen to E6, pawn D7 & bishop C8 will protect the king. Still long way to go mates

  4. For stopping the mate he can play Qe6 but the queen will be gone.

  5. Why will opponent play nxe4? Isn't it just free knight?

  6. Take the queen at f7 it will be a checkmate

  7. Qe6 pown takes it is not mate

  8. Cant Queen block check with e6? If Knight Nxe6, pawn just captures e6, then queen captured e6 and Bishop captures e6 again

  9. The whole pint of playing vienna is to do the gambit bro why would u play that💀

  10. I think the best move from the blacks side should be Knight to e7

  11. Why black take this pawn it is covert by the knight 😂😂😂

  12. Not over yet move black queen to e6
    Then the white queen will run away .if he didnt and take the black queen with the white knight , the black pawn tales the knight and if the pawn is taken by white queen the bishop is still there

  13. Bro the pieces are going in the backrooms 💀💀💀

  14. Its 7 moves first move is pawn to e4 second knight c3 third bishop to c4 Fourth bishop sacrificed itself to the king on f7 fifth knight takes knight e4 sixth queen f3 sixth knight to g5 seventh queen d5 check mate

  15. i just saw a gay Frankenstein shorts right before this

  16. Before knight takes on g5 wouldn't queen b3 be checkmate? I might be mistaken I'm not to great at chess

  17. Bro me seing queen can cover the king😂

  18. The way bro throw the pieces 😂😂💀

  19. Why the fuck would someone trade a full knight for just a pawn???

  20. Who idiots people eat the pawn without sopport

  21. Why did bro play g5 instead of b3?

  22. If king goes to e8 then what happens???

  23. After knight to f6 ahould have been pawn to f4

  24. Pawn in front of king:e4
    Bishop at f:c4
    Queen:f7 and is checkmate

    Only works if black peice doesn't move queen or knight:h6 or the pawn in front of f at black forward

  25. Worst feeling the opponent choose different move 💀

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