These Are Stockfish’s Best Ever Chess Moves

Join @keti_tsatsalashvili as she presents the best moves EVER played by the strongest chess engine of all time, Stockfish!

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  1. Pin this comment if you think Stockfish will beat me (If I play against him)

  2. I was playing a 1200 rated player the other day and all of his moves were this good πŸ€”

  3. No offense to Keti and her analysis (which were great!), but I was here for sassy Stockfish's takes lol

  4. Canty , Canty , Canty , Canty … Canty back ….

  5. After the move h3 in the second game, why not Bf5?

  6. This is how a 1000 rated player sees himself after finding a forced mate in 3.

  7. I knew that queen sac pattern from the Hikaru match that ended similarly. I believe he was verse someone like Grishuk or MVL. The two knights plus the pawn just clobbering the king

  8. why not taking the knight on c4 with bishop in the first game? what do i miss?

  9. Awesome video! if you get time I make content too and I’m trying to grow my channel ❀️ keep grinding πŸ“ˆ

  10. The thumbnail is kind of clickbait because of the stockfish avatar
    I expected him complimenting his own moves which also fits his character

  11. I like keti’s vids maybe because i am georgian πŸ‡¬πŸ‡ͺ like keti pls like her vids so that we see more of her videos

  12. Those sacrifices are SICK & INSANE….

    Without the ""BOOM πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯"" sound-effect

    The impact of those FATALπŸ”₯πŸ”₯ sacrifices was NOT FELT AT ALL

    (Ginger GM did it really well for Alpha Zero's Best moves)

  13. So @Keti Tsatsalashvili , the secret to play like engines is sacrificing both Rooks 😯…. Getting ready for sacrifices

  14. The first game with the 2 rook sacrifices can be downloader in any link or website? I cannot find it!
    Amazing video! Thanx!

  15. where we can find all the complete games in pgn??? thank you very much!!!

  16. 8:00
    Stockfish plays H3
    Stockfish: !!, Incredible move, game changer!
    I play H3 while drunk in bullet
    Stockfish: ??, waste of a tempo, clear advantage for black.

  17. This is insane… I thought computer thinking like Stockfish can`t break the solid defense with the sacrifice piece and almost all pieces they can sacrifice for the victory ✌ ✌ AMAZING….

  18. Stock fish is amazing and can beat any human on earth. But it couldn't be Alphazero! Just saying

  19. We are watching computers play now?

    (˘o˘ )
    <) )_
    Β  | |

  20. The rook and bishop in the second game are just spectators .also the 3rd game I think hikaru had an amazing game with a similar position where he let's his queen hanging like 5times or something

  21. 5:36 Qxa2. I know stockfish still win here with Qc6 mate

  22. Because of this video on King Indian defense i beat a lot of player on my level who trying to play a his opening on ne🀣 they thinking that they like stock fish.

  23. 5:48 show us the line with Rxc7, though – Qa5+! is quite a nice finish

  24. Can please please, always add the pgn of the games?

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