The worst board and pieces combination on

Hikaru tortures his stream and now Youtube with chess piece and board combos while playing chess.

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  1. I use Glass-Overlay because I'm a dedicated dark mode aficionado

  2. I can’t even tell the pieces apart… why… just why…

  3. The faces on the pieces legit looked like from a 2000 kids game

  4. The 3D theme gave me nostalgia from the 2008 chess softwares

  5. 33:40 this was Fritz 2 judging by the years you're talking about, not chessbase 2 – I had that floppy (it's more similar to what you're showing here)

  6. 24:06 that face reminds me from old boy… before he is going insane 😀

  7. And it was in this position that Hikaru's outro music resigned the game

  8. "Majin Buu" isn't Japanese

    Triggered Weaboo Noises

  9. it's like i am watching an anime fight like what is happening.

  10. Anyone else just watching every single one pf hikaru’s videos in quarantine?

  11. Nearly had a aneurysm so didn't make it last minute 3.

  12. Hikaru: Chess is a fun game
    Also Hikaru: makes the game fun by using the worst chess set ever

  13. This video has many meme material Hikaru faces😂😂

  14. Majin Buu's name came from Disney's Cinderella where the fairy goes, "Bibidi, Babidi, Buu"… which were the names of the Buu saga's villains.

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