The worst board and pieces combination on

Hikaru tortures his stream and now Youtube with chess piece and board combos while playing chess.

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  1. your chess set looks way better than any of those hideous styles, real talk though, someone needs to gift you a beautify carved chess board and pieces. it's simply unacceptable.

  2. How come you can’t find the solutions in your own games? Not trolling serious question.

  3. im so happy I saw Rf7 at 14:50 so fast he took what 1 minute to find it i dont care im just happy i found it thank you for reading

  4. Hey Hikaru… Majin Buu is Japanese… MA-JI-N BU-U

  5. Me: sees a hanging queen
    Hikaru: sees a hanging queen
    Me:“Oh boy, a free Queen!“
    Hikaru:“Uh, takes is good.“

  6. Where is the H sound in Majin Buu?
    I'm pretty sure it's a made up name, but it's a Japanese anime and it's perfectly capable of being spelled using Hiragana ( Ma-Ji-N Bu-U / まじん ぶう ), so I'd probably guess that it's a fake Japanese name.

  7. For the talk about Majin Buu, chat was kind of right about the name being Japanese. Majin is in fact a japanese word referring to magical or demonic beings like Jinn. However Buu is part of a joke, not a real word.

    So one thing you got to know about Toriyama is that he likes to make names that are jokes or puns, as do a lot of Mangaka. In the case of Majin Buu, it's actually really obvious when you look at his story overall.

    So, long ago an evil Wizard named Bididi awakened Majin Buu to cause chaos in the universe, eventually he was put back to sleep and in 'current day' DBZ, a clone of Bibidi's, named Babidi once again reawakened Buu. Now, put those names together and what do you get? Bibadi Babidi Buu is a direct reference to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo from Cinderella.

    Some other examples of this would be all the gods in DBS being named after alcohol, the Ginyu force are all named after dairy products, and all Saiyans being named after vegetables.

    Man, never thought I'd be using my dragonball knowledge on a chess video of all things. xD

  8. Hikaru! Please make a book recommendation video 😁

  9. Somebody get this man… a nice chess set 💎

  10. I'm so proud I saw the rook sacrifice like a minute faster than then Hikaru himself. Apparently u can still learn chess in your 30's

  11. Hey Hikaru, the biggest thing you can do to get more consistent viewers is to add hashtags to your videos. Id recommends like #hikaru #chess and something that has to do with the video. I'm not really recommending it from experience that's just what Ludwig said to do and I figure it'll help newer chess players develop and altogether the community

  12. it's so funny how he knows the right move when he makes the wrong instead… sounds like me in exams

  13. Hikaru: I'm so bad at chess…
    Me: Who am I?

  14. what is the purpose of the chess puzzles is it checkmate or just good moves?

  15. Have to put 0,25x when hikaru calculates

  16. Sometimes, adding one or two more D's to the equation only worsens it.

  17. Any chance of you playing "5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel"? Just released on steam and it's mind bending

  18. 0 likes: I shove a pawn in my bum
    5: bishop
    15: rook
    30: knight
    50: queen
    100: king

  19. I always think this, but more than any other game, chess gods are really on another level compared to normal players.

  20. Yesterday I blundered some of my peices and I typed "Shit" in chat box 2-3 times and I'm banned to chat for how long I don't know but the irony is this theme seems like shit on the board💩

  21. 3:45 i faced that problem few months ago in tactics trainer. missed that in first try

  22. Hikaru: is worth $45m
    also hikaru: I tRieD tO gLuE mY bRokEn b7 pAwn

  23. Hikaru be living frugally even after being worth $42 million, probably how he got that xD

  24. Worse than the pieces I think is Hikaru's shirt…

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