The worst board and pieces combination on

Hikaru tortures his stream and now Youtube with chess piece and board combos while playing chess.

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  1. I had someone arguing with me that chess is all about “Kings and stuff “
    Before !

  2. I bet even Hikaru couldn't tell, he just memorized the board state and playing blind essentially

  3. 5:20 when a kid calls you stupid and you react in a not offending way

  4. It is best to view it on 2 dimension and I like the alpha flat chess pieces the board could be just green and white or maple.

  5. 6:58😱😱😱 your a Grand Master with a top rating of 2816!!!!! How can you possibly say that your bad at chess?

  6. Idk about all of you, but 8-bit is impossible for me to play with

  7. Me, struggling to get past 11 in puzzles.

    Hikaru, failing on 46: I AM FUCKING DUMB

  8. Hikaru: "Ma and Bu can't be japanese"

    The Japanese verb 学 (Manabu): "俺はあんたにとってどうでもいい存在ですか?"

  9. Worst Board And Pieces..
    Said The Man..
    Who Doesnt Even Had To Look At The Board To Play Tha Game..

  10. 魔人ブウ Majin Buu is definitely Japanese. Wait, does the guy named Hikaru Nakamura born in Japan not speak Japanese or something? Wait, he actually seems like he doesn't speak it at all.

  11. Aah I need the playlist backing this video, so good

  12. Hikaru: finishes puzzles in 2 seconds

    Me; pauses and sits for a few minutes, makes a move and then I get an error and just press on hint 🙁

  13. watching you do puzzles makes me think i should retire.

  14. Me as a 900 player at 16min: Isn't this bishop hanging although most of the times i don't really see the right move this time i did.

  15. All my chess intuition is obliterated by this theme. I wouldn't win a single game.

  16. Here, here, here, there, there, here, hereherehere . Um thats good

  17. I know this is late but does anyone know what combination of board and pieces hikaru uses for his theme?

  18. Hikaru: I'm so bad at chess
    Me, a 1,000 rated player: 🧐

  19. 20:32
    Boo is a reference of Fairy godmother song from Cinderella "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo"
    Bibbidi is the Wizard who create Majin Boo
    Bobbidi is the Wizard who unseal Majin Boo
    Boo is the Majin(evil spirit or devil)

  20. can anyone tell me how do i get hikarus chess board theme?

  21. People tryna learn from Hikaru
    and he goes "here here here" HAHahahha

  22. Please dont say youre bad at chess youre great at this game I look up to you 🙂

  23. You know you watched too much hikaru when you start understanding his line drawing 💜

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