The ULTIMATE Chess Piece Tier List

In this official chess piece tier list we use tier maker to rank all pieces while discussing chess strategy and tactic. our twitch chat helps us rank all chess pieces from D tier all the way up to S++. All pieces are ranked subjectively for content and should be enjoyed as such πŸ™‚ If you wanna share your ranking list or play chess sometime stop by our stream in the links below, sub on youtube, and check out our other cool social content πŸ™‚



  1. Caro Kann & Sicilian Defense are with the F pawn

  2. The bishop disrespect hurts me 😭

  3. I think the king should get updated so it can jump, but only if certain criteria is met; not in check, only over it's own pieces.

  4. Whait king is the best piece because if he die you lose

  5. Don't forget the fact that you can fork with knights

  6. Bishop is S ++ tier I always win games with them and they are vary sneaky if you don't pay attention they are the reason why I and most people lose games of chess. You should never underestimate them.

  7. The pawn is the best piece. A it is almost any other piece as soon as it is inside the other size. b, it is the most useful piece as you do so many things with them. C, there’s many of them so they’re the most useful but have the most of them. I have stated my point.

  8. The king has to be babied around, they’re the leader of the army. If he is captured, all other pieces are irrelevant. The game ends.

  9. Most people underestimate bishop. Most likely because in 100 elo games they always do Scholars Mate. When defended they pretty much resign

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