The Top 10 Fastest Checkmates To Win At Chess

From Scholar’s mate to winning with the Englund Gambit, @JamesCantyIII breaks down the 10 quickest ways you can checkmate your opponents in chess!

0:00 – Intro
0:08 – Budapest Defense Smothered Mate
2:34 – Englund Gambit Mate
5:08 – Owen’s Defense (Fool’s Mate Pattern)
6:32 – Italian Game Smothered Mate
8:06 – Caro-Kann Defense Smothered Mate
9:01 – Bird’s Opening (Fool’s Mate Pattern)
10:22 – Dutch Defense (Fool’s Mate Pattern)
11:15 – Scholar’s Mate
12:06 – Grob’s Attack (Fool’s Mate Pattern)
12:47 – Fool’s Mate
13:18 – Outro

You can find all the checkmates here and you can analyze them:

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  1. At the scholar's mate why don't u play Qf3

  2. i mean my elo is 2227 and a lot of those mates don't work because ppl are smarter than that… but the smuther mates are good.

  3. The Scholar's I had thet a LOT of time's, whan i was a 600~700

  4. In the scholors mate it's best to take the Queen out to f3 by if you go h5 he can just play go and threaten the queen so that's that

  5. Not even my 400 elo is that bad at chess that i could even think about doing one of these

  6. Broo I thought I am the only one using the scholar's mate and caro-kann defence,Im calling it caro-kann defence but it's actually caro-kann defence😱

  7. I can do it within two moves and within three

  8. in first its not check mate. because e2 pone can bloke it move by d3

  9. Love the video, what is the name of the soundtrack which was played on Owen's defense?

  10. POV: you're a 750 elo that according to stockfish, plays like a 1700 elo

  11. 1. e4 e5 2. Qh5 Ke7 3. Qxe5# not even close to the fastest

  12. As a chess Super grandmaster with 300Elo , I can checkmate in 2moves. White goes right bishop pawn 2 forward u play pawn to E3 They play knights pawn 1 step forward then its checkmate after queen h4.

  13. Knight to G3 for the Budapest smothered mate

  14. i like how hes like 'dont try this at home its a family friendly channel' when he talks about sacing the queen lol

  15. actually the no.10 was not a checkmate the pawn could take back the knight

  16. Ah yes, Nelson's favorite. Scholars mate.

  17. I actually checkmated my opponent in 9 moves . My opponent was a trader and he loves to stare peices
    At each other after a bishop blunder staring bishops i moved my rook to d1 Theteaning to check mate but he doesn't care he wants to trade and he takes my bishop and he thinks I'm going take back and double pawns and lose but queen d1 check mate!!

    Disclamer the queens were staring each other before bishop blunder

  18. I m a beginner i wanna ask that in smothered mates can't pawn kill the knight

  19. In Budapest Defense Smothered Mate is not a mate. White take knight by moving pawn to e3. Plus, black knight has no protection.

  20. The is actully a mate in 3 i Found it myself E4 E5 Queen H5 and then the stupid move King e2 and Queen takes e5 is mate

  21. For the Caro-Kann Defense, what it black puts 5. e6 instead of Nf6? What should I do after?

  22. i like doing e4 qf3 bc4 alot of people fall for it

  23. I like this version of the Bird opening as well: 1. f4 e5 2. fxe5 Qh4+ 3. g3 Be7 4. gxh4 Bxh4#

  24. I am pretty sure that this video is dubbed

    His lip movements and body motions do not match with what he he is saying and the tone too.

  25. I doubt Englund gambit mate would ever work, because after Qxb2 being played, playing the bishop on c3 would be a blunder. The only sensible move then, would be to the knight on c3 which is not a very difficult move to find tbh

  26. you have to know this !! heres the move that start with !! — gottamchess (italian game smothered mate)

  27. @4:16 I think the best move for the white piece is to capture the bishop

  28. My hamster just hit 2600 chess is getting too easy.

  29. Before i was playing with somebody and i really want to play the englund gambit mate but the opponent instead move the knight and i play ng6 the opponent play ng5 then i play nxf7 its a check and the only legal move is qxf7 and the opponent resign

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