The Sicilian Defense | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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  1. What to do with your white bishop

  2. Me playing the Sicilian at 1000 elo


  3. title says "The Sicilian Defense | 10-Minute Chess Openings" but after you watched the whole vid it just keep pressuring you not to play.

  4. What do you advice for an "accelerated dragon sicilian player" to play against the *Grand Prix Attack*?

  5. How about the openings in miNeSweepeR?🤔

  6. Levy: dont play this til 2k elo
    Me: i dont really care if im 500 lets pretend I didnt hear that

  7. I mean, I'm a 900 rated, I play the sicilian or dutch defenses, and it goes pretty well for me in general, love playing it

  8. I'm new to chess and it seems every different move has its own name and there are seemingly infinite amounts of these moves. My next game aim Gona play the Closed Sicilian fire breathing dragon defence declined gambit pin variation LOL

  9. Don’t start till your 2000- me who when I first started chess learned it because the l Sicilian dragon sounds cool

  10. Also.. who cares about theory when you can think good enough?
    I never play dutch, french or the indian stuff and still can play them with my ~1400

  11. In the e6 Sicilian how the light sq bishop gets activated?

  12. shut up levy. I can play the najdorf if I want to

  13. What kind of opening for black for beginner

  14. I'm 700 rated and I have no idea how to use sicilian

  15. I’ve never been overwhelmed by so many words before
    “ye this is also known at the Sveshnikov”, “this is the karbonolitchkev, obviously……”

  16. dont play the sicilian till your 2000. me being 500 and seeing literally every opening known to chess at said rating. ngl 500 it feels like im playing people who have alts that are 1500-2500 lol

  17. Regarding variations—definitely depends on who you are. I’m 1100 but also haven’t caught up with my rating because I spend more time studying and learning tactics than playing the game. I’ve spent hours upon hours studying the dragon, and it produces the sharpest games I’ve played. I think it’s absolutely worth it to delve into the highly theoretical variations if you’re principled enough to handle it. Going for the hard stuff has accelerated my understanding of chess more than anything else but it definitely depends on who you are, I think refraining from highly theoretical openings if you’re under 1600 is good general advice.

  18. Obviously ! What a crock sh*ite
    I play chess every day and cant follow this crap. .

  19. Got to 2000+ to understand this guy.
    And know every sciliian defence variation to follow a instruction video about the sicillian defence. 😂

  20. नेपालिमा चेस। says:

    How soft and well spoken Levi was untill he tried to teach Sicilian!

  21. What I hear is: You can play any move you like in any order you like as long as you don't straight up hang your pieces.

  22. I (also) play a little bit of cards – Hearts (for which we have other names in my home language Afrikaans more or less amounting to Black Lady), and Canasta. Especially "Black Lady" is a game that up to 5 people can play quite easily, and it has some strategy and is lots of fun.

  23. I tried the Sicilian at 400 my dog died and my wife left me

  24. Levy: don’t play Sicilian until you are 2000
    Also Levy: here are some tactics for low rated players

  25. I think I will just stick to the King's Pawn opening for now

  26. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  27. Back to the times when Levy's sanity was at a reasonable level.

  28. What to do against this line : 1. e4 c5 2. e5 ????

  29. my first 700 elo game went awesome with sicilian closed game, but there was lots of center trading and smart gambles throughout my game.

  30. im 400 rating in rapid and i won the first game i tried with the sicilian but maybe it was just luck

  31. Awesome Gotham thanks I love the Sicilian opening as black but want to improve so thanks for the video

  32. I will pay you £10,000 for a chessly course on this

  33. i dont thionk it matters if you are going to play the sicilian against oponents your level. They wont know the theory aswell. I just love the sicilian, i am the most comfrtable w it and im always sad if white plays d4… The opening confuses opponents. Plus, isnt it better to grow up with the opening so youre better at it when better too? Idk. This opening is just way too fun.

  34. He is true o tried played sicilian in 800 range the result is very impressive for opponent 😂

  35. I played sicilian at 600 .but i beat computer at 1300 elo. i cant believe 😮

  36. This is really a Good Defense for those players ♟️

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