The Rule of the Square

Today is the day I reveal a little secret of mine. “The rule of the square” is something I learned about when I was a kid, but I didn’t really get it. After all these years, I still haven’t managed to understand the rule!
Luckily, you and I can both learn more about the rule of the square in my app, Magnus Trainer!




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  1. Ok, never put the king and queen on same diagonal….but what is the square?

  2. I love how he is the world champion but still says in the beginning "I never really got this rule" 😂

  3. Sorry, what a terrible video!!!

  4. This video has millions of views (myself included) and makes zero sense lol

  5. The square rule for dummies :
    You imagine a square from a pawn to its promotion square (In the video, after A5, there are 5 squares including the promotion square and the square the pawn is on) and extend it towards the opposite king (so in our case the square extends 5 cells towards the king, from A5 to E5, so the 4 corners of the square are A5-A1-E1-E5). If the king is in or can enter this square, the king can stop the pawn. If not, he will never be able to reach the pawn on its own.
    Hope that helps 🙂 Keep Rocking Magnus !

  6. If you go cross eyed you'll see the square. It will focus on the square of attack and not the square of the board.

  7. May I suggest a dance class? With each name you stitch onto your shirts, you add hidden players onto the board, exerting pressure on the game. Dancing will restructure your brain to stay committed to the rhythms of your partner, no matter how many players are on the dance floor.

  8. This video seems a bit like "Hey, I didn't learn this rule before. I have had to calculate it every single time for the past 20 years. If you want to escape such a terrible fate, learn the rule."

    Then he cries in World Champion, World no. 1, etc.

  9. There's so much comedy in this vid.

    Starts: "I'm gonna teach you about a secret of mine. It's called the _Rule of The Square_."

    Ends: "Maybe eventually I'm gonna learn about the square myself. In that case, I should check it out."

  10. Here is a better more clearer instruction. It is basically a short cut to work out quickly if a pawn will beat a king to make promotion.

    You can calculate it or do this and save a few seconds !!! Iris nothing breathtakingly new . It’s just a simple short cut. Good for bullet games

  11. Mate, you've already learnt the square as its lower-class knowledge to your initiative genius mind.

  12. Well wait, is this an educational video or satire ???

  13. For bishop it is somewhat like square boards.

  14. the square as i just learned from another video is that if you have a pawn trying to become a queen, if the king is outside of a square in as many spaces as the pawn needs to become a queen then it cant stop the pawn.. its pretty obvious and pointless.. basically are you as many spaces away as i am? 4 spaces or something.. same same? not? ok…

  15. Okay so I still don’t know what the rule of the square is but thats ok I guess, because he doesn’t either.

  16. Wow, completely surprised how dumb this was. Amazingly dumb. So dumb it was… actually brilliant?

    No just dumb.

  17. Ignore what I'm saying, just read my mind. Simple.

  18. Magnus didn't get it after all these years, so how the hell he expects us, peasants, to understand it from a 7 min video?!!

  19. The point is to not be limited by a "rule of the square" because that will stop your creative thinking outside of the square. Which means always sticking to rules stubbornly and relying on them is no good if you want to find alternative ways to win and adapt to the situation.

  20. Can't wait for the lesson on the Circle followed by the Triangle, this is exciting!

  21. If the distance of your king from the pawn is greater or equal to the number of squares needed, to queen it, you wont reach it, if the pawn is on the turn; if the King has less squares to go, than the pawn, or on equal footing, the king starts marching first, then the pawn can be captured. For this the board is divided into four dimensions or smaller squares, toi make it easier to grasp.

  22. My head is raw in the spot I kept scratching throughout this video

  23. The secret is practice till you don't remember the rules

  24. The board is square, and all inside it is mine. MC

  25. Lol this comment section.

    Ps: im commenting to follow this comment section 😂

  26. Magnus: …….

    YouTube: 40k likes

    Hikaru: How to develop your pieces to look like a smiley face on the board

    YouTube: 100k likes

    Bobby Fischer: THE JEWS

    YouTube: 1M likes

  27. 3 possible options:

    1. He's telling a joke – working on his 'poker face' or something.
    2. He tries to learn psychology, by looking at our responses in the comments.
    3. When he say 'I don't understand it', he means that he doesn't Fully understand it. – with all the irregular options to it.

  28. Magnus is above of the all kings. Salute from Bangladesh.

  29. There will be a part 2 to this video to explain the rule of the square.. RIGHT???

  30. he literally didnt teach anything about the rule of the square 🙂

  31. “Today, I will teach you something I don’t know.”

    – How to GOAT

  32. This was chapter 0.1 of 5 chapters from the "Rule Of The Square" book.

  33. I hate this kind of movies, some kind of chess noob is trying to teach others, a rule, he don't know either. Ehh

  34. Forget chess!
    I am going to teach all of you the beauty of advanced mathmetics!

    I always found math hard as a child and I suck at it as as adult but since it's something I don't understand I think it would be fun to teach you!

    (Anything less than 39k likes is an insult!)

  35. Dude calculated every time for 20 years instead of learning the rule. Hm

  36. I guess you dont have to know a basic endgame rule to be world champion 🤔

  37. „I dont know this.. but I dont need to know this, because I am that good at chess. But you can learn it in the description, somebody else can teach you it.“
    Never change Magnus lol

  38. rule of the square is when the king is in the square of the pawn(idk like 5×5 box area within the king) means the king can chase it before it become queen or they already queen but it already inside the kings attack range

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