The Rule of the Square

Today is the day I reveal a little secret of mine. “The rule of the square” is something I learned about when I was a kid, but I didn’t really get it. After all these years, I still haven’t managed to understand the rule!
Luckily, you and I can both learn more about the rule of the square in my app, Magnus Trainer!




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  1. "So, uh, in this game I wasn't doing so hot, and Grishuk was about to beat me"
    -Proceeds to show how he was winning the whole time

  2. I have to say, he seems a lot like me. My wife asks me all the time, "how do you know how to do ______?"…and my response is always the same: I don't know, I just do. Which sucks when I try to explain to my kids how to do something. I know how to do stuff, but I don't know how to explain it so other people know how to do it. My dad taught me a lot of what I know, and the stuff he didn't teach me was basically me figuring out how to make something work out of necessity. But it is amazing to see someone that is as good as he is, still be humble enough to say I don't know. I often look at chess and realize that a lot of it is training by repetition and how to respond to one style of play with another style of play. That seems very limiting and constrained, to me.

  3. People saying here that he cant teach well, well you cant expect a fighter to milk a cow

  4. Makes sense to me and I'm only like 600, idk why y'all are so confused by this

  5. It's 2.o9.. N am still clueless.. Wt the heck is he teaching? 🤣 Anyone else!!!?

  6. i didn't get that where was the square of pawn.

  7. Does anyone know what table and pieces does he use?

  8. This is like Wayne Gretzky coaching kids by saying “ok go out and be awesome at hockey, but idk how to teach you how to do it”

  9. There r no obsolete in chess that's y it is still interesting…

  10. Basically a clickbait for advertising Magnus trainer.

  11. Good to see Magnus show that he's actually ' partially Human ', and not just a chess machine.

  12. A topper always thinks he doesn't know anything – Hence Proved

  13. After 33:00 there should have been a “see you in the next video”

  14. Probably Magnus didn't learn the rule, because the teacher told him you need to run after the pawn, and he was like why would I do this while I can checkmate in 5

  15. Number one chess player on the planet and he doesn’t understand the rule of the square of which he brought up? Lol

  16. what are those pieces they sound heavy and i want

  17. "so it goes to z9 and there because here to y8"
    understandable, have a great day!

  18. the outro sounds so divine, i thought i died trying to understand what i just watched

  19. Lol. If you learned something here subscribe and buy my course. … leaving never to be seen again.

  20. I don't understand anything from this person is he really GM !?

  21. Rule of the square is just a quick way to see during the endgame whether the opposing king is close enough to stop a pawn from queening. If the pawn starts his march before the king can enter the square, he will queen; if not, the king can catch him. Obviously, this assume a simple enough position that other pieces cannot obstruct either the king or the pawn.

  22. I saw you in chennai Magnus. You are such a nice gentleman. Im highly inspired.

  23. This guy is so smart he can’t simplify this for regular people. ….. I can’t comprehend any of this.

  24. My take-away: "I take and I think later!"

    Ok but for real the square rule is basically, if it's your opponent's turn, and he's trying to promote, look at your king and check if it's inside the "square." You're wondering what square? It's the square where one side is the path from the pawn to the end of the board

  25. The pawn was 4 from gueen…and the king was 5 pawn…?

  26. Magnus career swings between Chess Champion to Comedian

  27. Magnus though he was playing checkers the entire time.

  28. Magnus like Fischer submerges himself in chess 18 hours a day. Magnus happens to be less paranoid schizophrenic than Fischer when he beat Spaasky. Fischer needed absolute noise isolation when he played. Watch ' Pawn Sacrifice' if you havent already.

  29. This is hilarious. The Rule of the Square looks obvious to me….. Imma guess that:
    The pieces when acting like picture croppers, create a 4 sided shape, given they both only move 1 square, my first guess is that the king would have to move in an impossible way to close the distance, because basically he is only capable of 1 rise and 1 run in any direction. If they make a rectangle, at some point he will have to make up an extra square or so….. Its basically the same principle of y=mx+b
    Kinda genius how Geometry plays such a part.

  30. Can someone say me the chess set name(if it has one) or can you share it's link??

  31. 2:20 ?: Qe2,Qf3 –> h5,((Kg3/Kf4)–>Qxf3)/(take chance for blunder King to anywhere else –>Qxf3) Why isn't that an option? No risk. Is there?

  32. I heard Alexandra Botez taught him this. And Andrea taught him the Wednesday dance.

  33. I think the rule of the square about the pawn is that when you draw a straigth long diagonal from where your pawn is and the king is not inside that file then that means without calculating you know surely the king cannot overtake your pawn fro promotion

  34. This is why it’s important to watch them Botez’s. Botez’s? Botezs? Botezi?

  35. This is a x1000 funnier now that we know Alex literally had to teach him

  36. I learned nothing from this video, but what a great dude Magnus is

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