The Knight | How to Move the Chess Pieces

The knight moves like the letter “L” and is the only chess piece that can jump! Learn it’s tricky movement in this chess lesson.

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  1. Very helpful thank you! Easy for a novice chess player to understand

  2. How will it move if you are at the end of the board ?

  3. Knight is my favorite pieces,because knight is very unique

  4. Tried to use this video to prove my brother wrong while playing chess. Accidently proved myself wrong 🤦

  5. Strange how the knight moves, with autumn closing in.

  6. Can you move the knight 1 square then 2 squares in the horizontal direction?

  7. Can the knight move only 1 space or does it have to move in a full L

  8. Magnus told us this at the world chess Championship

  9. its a horse not knight noob get that right first 🤥

  10. Thank you so much. It really really clearly explained it. 😊

  11. what happen if the knight moved to the end. does it promote sense it can't go backwards right?

  12. So this how the knights move. Thank you, Magnus! Only you could answer this question.

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