THE CRAZIEST CHESS MATCH OF 2024! Kramnik — Jospem

My thoughts on Clash of Claims, the recently concluded blitz match between Vladimir Kramnik (@VBKramnikand Jose Martinez Alcantara (Jospem).

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  1. The technical issues at the event were just plain embarrassing and are the primary reason almost nobody's opinion was altered. People will hate on Kramnik for not understanding latency and technical issues and for renegotiating the terms of the event in the middle of it. People will give Jose a hard time for not being anywhere near as dominant in the event as he has been online (despite the time control, hardware, and environment being different). There's really no winning for anyone here, and the whole event was a massive failure both for the way it was run and for completely missing the mark on achieving its stated mission.

  2. Why me? Why does it always happens to me? They cheat against me, they flag me, they give me wrong computers, they give me wrong mice, they do not show opponent's move on my computer, and when I finally play under somebody else's name they ban me!

  3. Telling the world that Kramnik is just a bad loser is an understatement, he can still win over anyone and deserves respect as a fine former world chess champion. To see grandmasters turning a blind eye to cheating and Kramnik receiving direct criticism for his work to counter the problem is unworthy.

  4. I for one do not want to see any more matches with Kramnik. He will never admit he is wrong, he would only be satisfied if he had won. If it's not the time glitches/lag it would've been something else. It's the same with his math/statistics, you have to 100% agree with his claim/opinions otherwise he won't engage with it. No organisers or players should entertain him anymore.

    Jose did exceedingly well, if you consider all the nonsense he had to deal with during the match.. not only was the time control different but the games were interrupted by Kramnik every couple games and even fully renegotiated. There are players who would've played much worse with much less disruption. Congratulations to Jose, I hope he can leave all this behind, I think most people saw what an excellent and dignified chess player he is.

  5. You got something wrong. Jose actually had two more wins in their otb that were nullified so the match could have ended 16.5-12.5. if to be honest Kramnik did a lot better than we thought but one thing is clear… Jose proved he's the man.

  6. Jospem should only have agreed to the exact same time control as TT, and nothing else. As for mouse skills, that is Kramnik’s fault. When you play chess OTB, small things like how you move, capture, and hit the clock will also cumulatively affect the time you spend in a game. The same applies to mouse skills and online chess. I do not accept any excuses from Kramnik on this issue.

  7. Nice overview, Grisha, totally on point! I do not understand how Kramnik supporters can be so stubborn. 3+2 is a different game scenario.

  8. Jospem showed what the true sports man he is agreed with every single request/demand from kramnik … sportsman ship 100% Jospem … 0% Kramnik

  9. it was a flawed experiment. they needed to make it 3+1 and on computer only. then the results can be compared.
    hopefully they do more of this format in the future it was good to watch.

  10. I found that interesting that for the most English speaking spectators Martinez beat Kramnik by 5 points in online blitz part. So that evidently shows that Martinez is stronger online. For Russian speaking spectators though the 5 point lead is not even a valid evidence (LOL). They just do not accept that fact bringing up different conspiracy theories etc. That is interesting to observe such a drastic difference in mentality.

  11. Against Hikaru it could be a great show too. However, Hikaru surely won't agreed with all Kramnik demands. One thing they should do though, is to switch computer after they had played with both colors.

  12. Jospem has a 8-1 score prior to this match vs Kramnik in blitz, yet in this match he was about even. Sus. If you do a chi-square statistics analysis, I am confident, without having done the math, that Kramnik's claim will be validated. Either Kramnik is terrible with a mouse in 3+1 or Jospem may be cheating. My comment from another post repeated below.


    31 seconds ago

    Kramnik's claim won. Upvote me if you agree.

    Facts: online "Jospem" has won TT many times, while Kramnik only once. Plus Jospem has had a hat trick, winning TT twice the the same day, which is very rare; Bing:"During that event, he swept the competition, winning both the early and late tournaments. His impressive performance made him the fifth player to achieve this feat, joining the ranks of GMs Hikaru Nakamura, Wesley So, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, and Alireza Firouzja"

    Facts: Jospem barely beat Kramnik in this match by one game if you count the last game as Levy says you can do, and lost the first day over-the-board.

    Facts: Jospem claims he cannot afford an airline ticket to travel to Europe from Peru, when the cost is: $1600 round trip for Lima to Frankfurt. I could sponsor him with such cheap tickets. I'm sure he could find a sponsor.

    Facts: Jospem implies he is isolated but has enough wherewithal to soon become a Mexico club pro, and highest rated player in Mexico, for a chess club in Cancun.

    Facts: Jospem played worse vs Kramnik in this match than he does in the privacy of his own home. Is this due to stress? Chance? The fact they played largely the Catalan which is Kramnik's specialty? Or something else like cheating?

    Kramnik's claim won, that Jospem is a weaker player in person than he appears online in the privacy of his own home.

  13. For me the match was useful and changed my mind. I used to be suspicious of Jospem but I am convinced he's clean now. He handled the whole thing with class and deserves his props

  14. If Kramnik premoved and dragged the mouse he'd be like 3100. Just do it! 😅

  15. Whole match should have been online.
    3+1 not 3+2

  16. I'm worried about Mr. Kramnik, he has clearly a mental issue. People are not helping by acknowledging his delirium. Where are his friends and family? He needs help!

  17. Exactly! He's not only getting flagged but he also manages time terribly! Spends 30+ seconds on moves quite commonly. Not even mentioning double mouse clicks 😂
    He confirmed that he's being a fool with majority of his accusations, Bravo Владимир

  18. what was the final score over the board???

  19. I've been waiting for this. Great summary!🔥

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