The Bishop | How to Move the Chess Pieces

The bishop moves diagonally, one for each color. Learn the bishop’s indirect movement in this chess lesson!

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  1. I'm new to chess and my bishop was on f8 while my queen was on e8 my opponent had his bishop attacking my knight that was on f6. So I tried moving my bishop to e7 and the only move it would let me do with that bishop was e6… So why could I not move it into g7 or e7

  2. This is great, this is my favorite piece on the board because it can trap a lot of the opponents moves, it's also great at forks.

  3. For me bishop is the best piece in the board because with him we can do a LOT of strategies to get materials and checkmates, BISHOP PRO

  4. And of course i just realized the bishop is opposite of the rook

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