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This lesson talks about one of the most universal strategic rules in chess – principle of the least active piece.

You might have studied this principle in my past lessons, but it’s VERY important that I would highly recommend that you brush up your knowledge. Plus, it contains some really beautiful games, and 1 cool puzzle for you. Try it out! 🙂

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  1. Should a white player try to win the pawn and go for the opposite color bishop ending in such condition at 4:49 ?

  2. Nice lesson, thanks a lot. Mr. Igor.

  3. greatleson thx igor sir you are the best i find the solutions very interesitng last was interesitign queen sac and midle also

  4. 4:03, instead of bishop on front line, like u said make ur inactive troops active. If u move the back bishop g5 then that threatens queen, queen can do nothing because if queen comes to kill bishop then knight is already in place to avenge bishop. Someone please reassure this

  5. Genial! Maestro, como todas sus enseñanzas. Vd. me disculpe: pero casi que lamento que se dedicará Vd. al marketting, pero bueno, todo suma.

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