The Best Chess Opening For Beginners?

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  1. i coincidentally keep playing the indian game

  2. No matter what they will play, you develop your other knight and play 4 knights

  3. Watch the opponent pull out the traxler 😂 now if you played the next 26 white moves correctly gaining a 0.4 advantage, just delete your account for cheating

  4. I prefer d4 but e4 is better if you're going for scholars mate

  5. Don't agree, start with the queen pawn because you won't expose your king to frontal queen attacks

  6. I don't understand why we take out our Bishop to attack opponents pawn isn't it dumb because if we take the pawn we are literally trading our Bishop for nothing what do we achieve frm this other then just getting our Bishop out

  7. I haven't even noticed that I have been doing this move sometimes. 😅😅

  8. This isnt the itallian, this is the london system

  9. My favorite opening is the Queen’s Gambit.

  10. Im new 😢 but the king will eat your bishop when u eat the pawn?

  11. This seems stupid though because if you know attacked their pawn can you lose a bishop to their king? It's a bad trade

  12. Might be silly, but why can’t king move to F5 and take the bishop?

  13. Hahahaha when you’re Italian and you instinctively play this opening. ❤

  14. Me : Ok time to try this .
    moves king pawn two steps forward
    Opponent : moves rook pawn
    Me : Wait what ? Nobody told me about that

  15. Why would you attack that pawn with ur bishop

  16. Hold on why is my opponent smiling at me saying: “Hey, I’m Traxler”?

  17. What the enemy have never play chess before?

  18. Best move for black when bishep gets out is d4 knight

  19. Common Problem: Playing against someone who had played the game all their life

  20. I think I like a fight strategy than this fucking thing that ranks me 3400 what's 3400? Why smash a bottle on mfk h|ads?🤔
    Edt; not drun6😊

  21. I’m very new…

    Why attack the pawn with the bishop? Isn’t it protected by the king?

  22. What if the black move queen instead of knight?

  23. What is paw goes to d5 bishop is useless

  24. How did i guess that openning on the second move lol

  25. Me as a rut Lopez user seeing Bishop on C4:WAIT WHAT-

  26. After opponent developed their bishop, you must play B4!!
    Evans Gambit lovers

  27. But the king could take the bishop if you attack the pawn and that would be a bad trade

  28. I use this a lot and I don’t even know that it’s an opening😂

  29. Italian opener as soon as they see pawn to d5 🤯

  30. real ♟️it,s supposed to be real

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