The 10 Greatest Chess Moves Of All Time

We promise, you have never seen chess moves this good. These are quite literally the most incredible moves in chess history! Sit back, relax, and get ready for your jaw to hit the floor.

Take a look at the positions on!

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  1. Meier vs muller can you give the full game pgn ?

  2. We don't need to see you — especially with all the unnecessary hand movemebnts. Just show the board please.

  3. Isn't #9 played between some polish players in Poznań? Gotham chess included that game twice in his videos and both times it was titled as pearl of Poznań.

  4. I was hoping to see James but ok this is cool too. I just love James's instruction.

  5. Topalov – Shirov good!. And NEZHMETDINOV?

  6. anand vs lautier 1997 biel tournament,anands h6 move in that game makes no sense at first only to find the calculations behind that move….this game should be checked by everyone

  7. 4:50
    which do u find fancier? side-stepping king checkmate or castling checkmate? 🤔

  8. These seem familiar, didn't someone else make the same video? Or a similar one?

  9. I dont like commentating the move number. It is distracting

  10. At 8: 52, if Rh4 a2, Rh1 a1Q, RxQ. White has an edge.

  11. What if topalov didn't capture the bishop? Would it have been a draw?

  12. Bro, u good at Math, at Chess, … I bet u also good at Finance. U must have a brilliant mind Bro. Btw, those 3 are my favorite fields as well.

  13. Wait a second…. where do I know this gentleman from again??

  14. Yeah all good but what about when Magnus Carlson opening with the bongcloud, and Nakamura responded with a bongcloud. Thought that was gonna be #1 instead of a silly bishop sack.

  15. Spassky's Rh1!! vs Larsen in 1970 deserves attention

  16. Who is this guy? Danny, please show him how it’s done

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