Stopping Early Queen Attacks In Chess

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In chess openings, beginners often struggle with early queen moves. This can lead to the Scholars Mate or other traps involving tactics that lead to losing material. In this video, I hope to show the Wayward Queen Attack and other opening garbage that you can defeat and not worry about anymore.

0:00 Intro
8:15 GAME 1 vs. 810
12:56 GAME 2 vs. 767
22:02 GAME 3 vs. 1100

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  1. The way I beat Nelson was not to punish the early queen attack, but to make it so if he moved his queen I could take it the entire game.

  2. 5:30 Imagine a Wayward Queen opener sacking the Queen that early tho

  3. How funni it is that we are the one that teaches these "early queen attack" and then annoyed by them. lol

  4. These 700 and 800 are better than the 1000 i play probably because they are not subscribed to GothamChess

  5. I had 2 pawns and Nelson had 2 rooks and bishop and 5 pawns but somehow I got a queen thought I would be winning but it ended in a draw because only kings were on the board i bottled it

  6. I lost to the wayward Queen move twice in a row today 😢

  7. Levy at 21:09 f4 was played and you took the pawn on f4 with ur g5 pawn BUT u could of taken en passant with ur e5 pawn. DISGUSTING YOU ARE A Irredeemable MONSTER! THIS HAS ANGERED THE CHESS GODS YOU MUST DIR FOR THISSSSS UGGGGHHHH

  8. Lost a game because of this, looked up "stop Qh5", watched first 2 minutes and went to play another. Same damn tactic but this time the guy surrendered after I took his queen.

  9. I want to knock out anyone who does this shit

  10. I’m very new to Chess and these early queen moves do nothing but anger me to the point of wanting to toss my computer

  11. What I do to defend the checkmate is to play knight h6 so if he get his bishop out and the queen goes for checkmate you can take with the knight

  12. For me it's crazy. I am new player od chcess and a played moves you showed in the video without watching it.

  13. I won a game while I was watching the first minute of the game using this strategy 😂

  14. At 21:08 Levy lost as he did not play the only legal move on the board

  15. Me failing smothered mate because I’m only 300 elo: 👁👄👁

  16. My brain when I saw the thumbnail:

    “ You have to know this- “

  17. In fact, I've found a better trap that forces Nelson to lose his queen.

  18. Between this video and Nelson (Chess Vibes) video on early queen attacks, I improved nearly 200 elo points. Just stopping this bullshit was a game changer for me since I now had time to think and actually learn the game. Just wanted to check back in and give credit where it was due.

  19. Noobs after losing a rook, bishop, or knight: eh oh well
    Noobs after losing a queen: I RESIGN
    grandmasters after hanging a pawn: I resign gg you win
    Noobs when en passant is used: HACKER I REPORT YOU
    grandmasters after their opponent uses en passant: WHAT ARE YOU!? An idiot sandwich.

  20. When you’re at low elo (like me :/) you see this attack a LOT. First few times it trips you up as they start taking pieces every other move, but it’s also very easy to block once you see the pattern they’re going for. You can tell when they’re stumped as there’s a long pause. The rest of their gameplay is worth half of their elo at best. It must be embarrassing to feel like you’re losing after you’re opponents 2nd move lol

  21. Bro but some players play queen f3 first after bishop c4 make video on that

  22. "b4 is a bit slow…" (check's opponent's elo) "Alright, let's do it."

  23. Someone literally blitzkrieg me this way today and I wanted to hang myself. 😭

  24. Are we all under 800 elo players who suffering from this? XD

  25. Me and the boys on our way to find this video after we got hit with Qh5 Qe5 1 too many times.

  26. It is so cute that Gotham being polite and not trash talking about he’s subscribers love you Gotham

  27. My biggest problem rn is my board vision when playing with real boards and not in online 😢

  28. I deeply hate these moves because it really is a 3-year-olds way of playing chess but after 10 Bullet games maybe after a long day…
    I just wanted to play some chess 😢

  29. yea nelson is a mother fucker,.. havin a hard time with his sneakin ass.

  30. Thx for the advice. I lost 2 times today at chess selections in my school due to early queen attacks.

  31. What if you played Pawn f5 instead of Nf6?

  32. recently had a 1e4-e5;2Qh5-Qf6;d3-Bc5 and white were punished severly after Gg5… It was a rematch where I had my queen chased around … I need to improve early queen games…

  33. I would recommend trading queens with these guys if possible. Usually they don’t know how to play without it, and will revert straight to bishop-knight traps which are fairly easy to defend.

  34. Literally after just watching this video someone did a Wayward Queen on me with the bishop first and I knew EXACTLY what to do and mated him, thanks lol

  35. i am sooo annoyed with this cheap ass shit it brought me here lol

  36. when i get lured back and the opponent puts knight to f6 i usually play pawn to d3

  37. muchas gracias , ahora puede que gane alguna partida, jaja

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