Simultaneous Exhibition with Alireza! –

LINK to simul
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  1. We love Alireza and wish him all the best and bright future.

  2. Alireza shud start representing Iran 🇮🇷 agai

  3. Wow this is so cool 😮😮😮, nice job man

  4. Chance of a lifetime to get WHOOPED by Daddy-reza.

  5. cannot sign up since the app launched. i guess developers are trolling.

  6. @agadmator "Bahram" means "Mars" in Persian

  7. Alireza seems so nice and down to earth human and an exceptional chess player who kicked everyone's ass 😂

  8. I love the fact that chess has gone wide stream and we have the chance to play with world class super gms online

  9. من نمیدونم چرا علیرضا یه بار با ایرانیا سایمولتنیه نمیذاره

  10. I like to think alireza has some crazy prep he will show us in the grand Swiss.

  11. Ad blockers violate YouTube's Terms of Service

  12. Bahram is a Kurdish name that means Mars

  13. alireza such a legend for doing this, well done to both of you for doing this for the chess community, big ups!

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